[9.15.1] YasenKrasen Colored Messages + Session Statistics v9.15b

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The current version is 9.15.1a for World of Tanks [] (7/27/2016)



YasenKrasen is a combination of two mods Colored Messages mod and Session Statistic mod.

First changes the look and feel of Notification Center, In-Game Messages and Perk Descriptions

and second adds ability to track daily session’s performance.



  • _Jeso_ [EU] (for letting me continue support of this mod)
  • tratatank [RU] (for his wotstats script)
  • Mehanizm, Vslav666, Dimitro, riskynet, SturmButcher, tom_Cat, STL1te, Dellux, jeroohn, Glychok, NooBooL, _Eddy_, GKstd



  • Open the Yasenrasen zip file, select and drop res_mods folder into World_of_Tanks folder on your computer. Confirm any replacements

[wpdm_package id=’352′]