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[] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 7

September 20, 2018

ChangeLog: U7 [1.1.7] 9/20/18 -micro-patch 9/20 Download Solo’s ModPack Vote and Comment Support me by Rating and Commenting If you experience crashes, start by re-Installing the modpack without  "Sounds", "Skins/Re-Models",…

[1.1.0] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 6

September 16, 2018

ChangeLog: U6 [1.1.6] 9/14/18 -YasenKrasen -Gnomefather's Sounds -Pogs Icons Download Solo’s ModPack Vote and Comment Support me by Rating and Commenting If you experience crashes, start by re-Installing the modpack…

[1.1.0] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 5

September 8, 2018

ChangeLog: U5 [1.1.5] 9/8/18 -XVM 7.7.2 crash-fix v3 (missions fixed) -KoreanRandom HitSkins -Esther HitSkins -Echoes of War GunSounds -Monty Python Voice -Icons Mirror Fix Download Solo’s ModPack Vote and Comment…

RSS Status Report

  • Tank Chats #57 Churchill AVRE
    The Tank Museum|The Funnies Another episode in the Tank Chats Funnies Specials, with David Fletcher looking at the weird and wonderful vehicles of 79th Armoured Division. Enjoy.
  • 1.2 Test: Preferential MM Tank Changes
    Once more some further changes being tested for PMM tanks in this iteration of the test. Here’s what we have so far (Note: all of the armor change images are from Russian sources. Just remember “было“= old and “стало“= new) : FCM 50t • change of reload time from 7.192 to 6.521 seconds  • increased […]
  • Panhard EBR FL-10 Stats and Gameplay Features
    Tier: VIII HP: 950 Engine Power: 800 hp Weight: 14.725 t Power to weight ratio: 54,33 KM / t Speed Normal / Fast: + 60 / -60 / 80 / -80 km / h Hull Traverse: 35.4 ° / s Turret Traverse: 68.8 ° / s Ground Resistance: 1.0 / 1.35 / 1.95 Hull Armor: […]
  • World of Warships – Update 0.7.9
    Dasha Presents The preview video for the new patch.
  • World of Tanks – Micropatch 1.1_3
    This update is rolling out overnight on two sever clusters with corresponding down times: Updated with “NA added upon it being published”. For RU, On September 20 game servers will be unavailable from 6:00 to 6:45 (MSC). For EU, The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 20.09.2018 from 06:00 – 06:45 CEST due […]
  • Wargaming to Open UK-Based Studio
    Posted on Wargamings home page. Located in Guildford, the office will be working on a new IP Wargaming is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Guildford, Surrey. Not far from London, the studio will be working on an unannounced free-to-play multiplatform MMO title built in the Unreal Engine. The newly opened […]
  • WoT Console Weekly Patch Notes 9/18
    Good day everyone, Quick note on changes coming with the weekly server downtime for WoT Console (sorry, WoT: “Mercenaries”). Here’s what we’ve got: New additions: Bolder – Tier 7 Heavy Premium Mercenary tank is now available in the Store! Hidden Village is now available again in the map rotation Smoothman and Caboose Contracts start again […]
  • Personal Mission campaign, the Second Front
    The Promo/introductory video of how to get the three Reward/Premium Tanks the Excalibur, Chimera, and Object 279 (e).