Latest Updates/Change Logs

[] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 9

December 30, 2018

ChangeLog: U9 [1.3.9] 12/30/18 -Read U8 Changelog about MultiHitLog and HangMan -XVM 7.7.9 + crash fix -BattleHits -KoreanRandom HitSkins -Fixed Sixth Sense selection in installation manager Download Solo’s ModPack Vote…

[] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 8

December 25, 2018

ChangeLog: U8 [1.3.8] 12/23/18 -If you can’t find your Christmas hangar, it’s because you installed Hangar Manager (HangMan) -MultiHitLog (if you can’t access Advent Calendar / Store / Skirmishes/ Combat…

[] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 7

December 16, 2018

ChangeLog: U7 [1.3.7] 12/16/18 -XVM 7.7.8 -Icons -Disabled temporarily MultiHItlog and DebugPanel (Issue: Advent Calendar / Store / Skirmishes/ Combat Intelligence stopped working after playing few games. I'm working with…

RSS Status Report

  • Tanktoon by Ranzar
    Undermining This weeks happy little episode. Enjoy.
  • Naval Legends: History of the US Carrier-borne Aviation. Part 2
    The second part will tell you about U.S. Naval Aviation during the WWII.
  • Lost City (Ghost Town) in HD 1.4 WOT
    This map first entered supertest in July 2018 and we last reported on it here ” Final test Lost City map “. The video shows it as in the current 1.4 test client. The map has grown to 1,000m x 1,000m and lost much of Russian signage identity and become more generic. Last we have a […]
  • WoT Styles 1/14
    Quick post trying to catch up on the newly shown styles for WoT 1.4. These are for all nations and tiers unless otherwise stated: Alpha (Unhistorical): Farmoz Tricolor (For Chinese M41):   RNG (Unhistorical):   Australian Expeditionary (Unhistorical, for Australia Day):   Dynamic Protection (Unhistorical):   Chinese New Year (Unhistorical, Five colores for the five […]
  • World of Tanks 1.4 Test Overview
    Good day everyone, Quick overview video of the newest iteration of the common/public/whatever you want to call it test server. Included are the new French wheeled vehicles:
  • WoT – In Supertest: TS-5, Second Look
    Today we have stats and comparison screen shots as well as some more pictures. Original images from WoT Express. English overlays RSR staff.
  • Tank Chat #64 Leopard 1
    By the Tank Museum Bovington. The Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank was built on Germany’s lessons from the Second World War. It entered service in 1965 and has since been exported worldwide.
  • WoT : In Supertest: TS-5
    Forum Leak/Announcement. Today, a Premium Tier VIII US tank destroyer makes its debut in closed testing. This is a well-protected machine designed for close quarters combat. And we mean it, it’s very, very well-protected—the frontal armor of the hull hits 260 millimeters! The weapon is fast-firing and hard-hitting—the DPM is more than 2800 hit points, […]