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[] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 6

February 12, 2019

ChangeLog: U6 [1.4.6] 2/12/19 -MoE -BattleHits -MultiHitLog -All Crosshairs -Marks of Excellence -Vehicle Ext -Crew Ext Download Solo’s ModPack Vote and Comment Support me by Rating and Commenting If you…

[] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 5

ChangeLog: U5 [1.4.5] 2/12/19 -FrontLine MicroPatch Download Solo’s ModPack Vote and Comment Support me by Rating and Commenting If you experience crashes, start by re-Installing the modpack without  "Sounds", "Skins/Re-Models",…

[] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 4

February 8, 2019

ChangeLog: U4 [1.4.4] 2/8/19 -P_MOD -Tank Icons -Damage Panels -Voice -SixthSense Download Solo’s ModPack Vote and Comment Support me by Rating and Commenting If you experience crashes, start by re-Installing…

RSS Status Report

  • Supertest: Tiger II (H) A Little More
    We have the Garage comparison from my current client with The Tiger I, Tiger P and VK 45.03 with the Tiger II (H) scaled to fit and pasted into the fourth slot. Click for full size in new tab. And the in garage “Research” grab. Russian originals from WoT Express.
  • Supertest: Tiger II (H),
    In November 2016 the Tiger II P was put into supertest. At that time it was intended as a tech tree tank but promptly shelved. Now it is back in supertest but as the Tiger II (H) a tier VII premium. We have the stat screens for then and now (click to open in a […]
  • WoT: Micropatch 1.4_2
    For RU and EU so far. Down times. For RU. February 19 Game servers (except RU3) and clan portal will be unavailable from 7:00 to 7:45 (MSK). For EU: The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 19.02.2019 from 04:00 – 04:45 CET due to this update. Clan Portal will be unavailable from 04:00 […]
  • War Thunder 1.87: Sea Hawk FGA.6
    Hello everyone, today is a good day for War Thunder news as we have been given another devblog. Today’s sneak peek is a new Fleet Air Arm addition to the British Aviation tree in the form of the Sea Hawk FGA.6, a ground attack variant of the Hawker Sea Hawk that was introduced to the […]
  • War Thunder Event: Sea Voyage
    Hey everyone, today War Thunder has unveiled the first event for the year, called Sea Voyage which focuses on a nautical theme with an American flying boat and Soviet Destroyer up for grabs. Unfortunately no amphibious tanks for you Ground Forces fans, but it looks set to be an interesting event For the fly-boys, we […]
  • Top 5 Tanks: Tank Hunter
    From The Tank Museum Bovington Craig Moore author and tank aficionado, also known as The Tank Hunter, came to The Tank Museum to choose his top 5 and point out some of the lesser known aspects of these tanks.
  • War Thunder 1.87: Challenger 2 and the introduction of Tier VII
    Good day everyone, some big WT news today: Tier VII is coming to War Thunder Ground Forces and the vanguard of this news is the British Challenger 2 MBT. For the Challenger 2, we are told to expect a vehicle similar to the Challenger 1 but with much-upgraded armour and armament. The armament consists of […]
  • WoT: Fair Play Policy Update: February 2019
    May as well post the spiel video again before the numbers. Third-party programs that manipulate gameplay by granting an unfair advantage are not welcome in World of Tanks. We’ve come a long way in weeding out harmful mods since we started taking action against cheaters. Stats this wave. For SEA: First offence, Warning and 7 […]