• Steven Elliott

    please tell me you’ve fixed the glitch on the center zoomed in map…before it wouldn’t let you repair any of your modules or heal any crew.

    • Solo

      It’s not a glitch, Unselect Centered Minimap by CTRL in installer

    • Safin Kohsholomaeus

      you can just use your keyboard to repair and heal. Thats much faster

  • Kamil Markowski

    I know I should not ask about it here, but you know maybe like to see you do nationality players?
    PS: I used google translator

    • Solo

      I’ve had a few requests already, may be in future I’ll think of adding extra languages.

  • Gabriel Profa Ender

    After uninstall… again the same: no stickers, 2 rows, wrong places for damage… no hp… HOW do I uninstall your mode PROPERLY and start over? CCleaner doesn’t help.

    • Solo

      I’ve tested all the mods that you just list myself before releasing this update. Screenshot would be helpful.

  • Schniebel

    THX 4 the update. ur modpacks are kind of hard to find on the new website

  • Kamil Markowski

    As xVM enable showing the flag of the nationalities because I heard that I can

  • z8Pittbull8z

    Everithing works as intendet, good job there.

  • Warwolf 1

    Hello People of SoloModPAck
    i send this issue to you in the last mod but i dont got an answer back

    here it is an image of the issue.
    Test it with last patch from you.
    i will be waiting for your replay, i cant use your mod pack and this is sad bc i like it.

    also here it is the Links of the Files You Requested me. i allready install the 9.9.4 the last pack u released and have the same issue.



    Plz Help me out!

  • Major Fokker

    Please, can you update your hit log to only display damage from spotted tanks.

  • James Schofield

    How do you completely remove the modpack now? just deleting RESMODS gives me an error, the game is still looking for the RESMODS folder.

    • LarryW

      Just have a look in your main WoT folder, there is (has always been) a solo uninstaller… just have a look. 😉