[9.12] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 1

Update 1 for Solo’s ModPack Installer : World of Tanks 0.9.12


  •  AutoAim Indicator
  •  DirectionBox
  • Crew Exp Extended
  • Vehicle Exp Extended
  • Spotting Calculator
  •  SafeShot
  •  Korean Random Skins
  •  WWIIHWA Engine Sounds
  • WWIIHWA Gunsounds
  • WWIIHWA Hitsounds

[wpdm_package id=’202′]

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  • dawgtag

    Thnx very fast,but why can’t i over see the battle field with zoom function like before,fun to see when u got killed and wan’t to see the total overview of the battle field,it won’t work,but great work,love ur mod

  • Darren Burt

    Love the MOD! UPDATE 1 keeps crashing.

  • YasirKhan

    best Mod ever

  • Marcel Snijders

    WWIHWA is not working 🙁 love the mods

    • RunningBiscuit

      Same here, it won’t stay selected, and doesn’t show up in the overview before installing

  • Tom Alle

    please add auto login mod

  • Damir Grbac

    I’ve noticed that the Solo’s minimap has the old rectangular draw distance marker instead the new circular one and also I couldn’t find the InGame results informer. Dissapeared ?!?

    • M1RAG3

      this… wheres the circle vision ranges?

  • István Kolkert

    WWIHWA is not working

  • Jo Hauser

    Where the hell is the WN8 ingame information, it disappeared with the new modpack?

  • Tomislav Valjak

    It is great… Is it posiblle to have spoting circle without XVM?…

  • Tim Machado

    I’m running Solo’s Simple OTM. In game I only get the tank name. How do I switch to Tank and Ally’s name?

  • YasirKhan

    upload fast other’s update’s ……. man your mod is best…..but you are very slow worker

    • Solo

      I also have a life. I don’t live in the game. Updates in progress, don’t worry, by end of weekend everything will work.

      • Ra Dracones

        Solo… you are The Man 🙂 like your work, hope your next update will fix the WN8 stats problem, I like to see after every battle what I did 🙂

      • jon hudak

        I guess some people think you live on the edge of your computer desk with nothing else to do in life. Keep up the good work, we appreciate all you do

    • That’s a rather rude reply Yasir. He offers his work for free in a free game so chill dude and appreciate what he provides when he provides it.

      • Michael Holm Larsen

        Totally agree with Jose…just be grateful for all the great work Solo does for you!
        Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Tomislav Valjak

    After update 1 i can not acses to bottom line with chat and frien list… Like it is locked… Mouse cursor just skides acros line about 1cm from bottom

  • Jaysen Bazinga Procter

    can you add Taipan Sight please.

    • Solo

      Yes, after I get the pack stable first

  • Kamil Markowski

    What is heppened with Deegie’s Sights?

  • Hodor7

    please add meltymaps and genomsfather sounds 😀

  • nik

    Solo, man, you have one of the best mode I used lately. However can you check, please, what’s happening with ping. Starting with update 4 for previous version and continue with this one I observed a massive increase. First I thought I have a problem, but after trying another mode only too see if problem persist, my resolution is something in your mode need to be fixed in this ping direction. Note, I observed this for some time and I considered you need to know this. I’m appreciating very much your work .

    Thank you!

  • Javier Lallana

    Congrats on this mod,it’s the best one I’ve used. However in this last update I can’t install the zooming out feature. It really helped me in light tanks 😀

  • tnx but we need the update 2 😀

  • Rui Ferreira

    render distance is diferente now,… pls adjust,… marks if excelence dont appear in game,… still some hit sounds missing and crashes once in a while,… tks 🙂

  • izikulu

    Solo, thank you for all the effort and work that goes into maintaining your modpack! I really appreciate it, you are awesome!

  • RunningBiscuit

    For the WWII Historical War Ambience mod, it looks like it’s because under the Sound Mods section, the ‘vehicles’ checkbox is greyed out with Gnomefather’s. If it gets un-greyed we should be able to use this mod

  • Louise Lauritsen

    Thx Solo for the great modpack you are making. Had this for a very long time now, and you are very fast to make the changes when a update to the game is made. I can see that yasenkrasen stats are a seperate download at the moment, do you put that in you modpack in next update.

  • Tim Machado

    Asking again: I’m running Solo’s Simple OTM. In game I only get the tank name. How do I switch to Tank and Ally’s name?