[9.12] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 0

Update 0 for Solo’s ModPack Installer : World of Tanks 0.9.12


  • Initial patch 0.9.12 Release. As usual some mods will be disabled(grayed out) until updated. 

[wpdm_package id=’199′]

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  • Tom Nowak


  • dawgtag

    Yesssssssss thanx

  • Tom Nowak

    there are no sounds when being hit, pls fix 🙂

  • Rui Ferreira

    my Windows blocks the install over and over again,…. can u do something??

    • Alessandro Christiano Del Frat

      if win8.1 deactivate windows defender!!

      • Drew

        Yeah, no thanks.

        • Justwalkingthru

          why?… you can turn it back on after install…………….

          • Drew

            When a security program doesn’t like a file there’s usually a reason. I can wait.

          • HBrosMoe

            That would be because it’s considered a “PUA” (Potentially Unwanted Application) BECAUSE it MODIFIES other stuff. It “Acts” similar to a virus. I just told my security to ignore that file and it works just fine. I did not turn off my security.

          • Drew

            Go for it. I’ve installed all the previous versions with no warnings. I’ll wait until there’s a warning free version.

          • Lail

            I’m pretty sure you are one of them who tries to act against the mass and on top of it you feel proud and special.

            Yes, you are special, but it’s not necessarily good. Go ahead and check it on Virustotal. I wouldn’t put any trust in your “so great” Windows Defender.

            By the way, the result of Virustotal should change your opinion if it doesn’t, than you definitely are special


          • Justwalkingthru

            Windows Defender is a program designed to force you to make a decision about programs you or machine are about to install. It is NOT a security program designed to tell you that the file is infected or other.

  • Larry Thomas

    also no sounds of being hit???

  • Logan2605

    There is no impact effect when a shell hits a tank.

  • Piotr Rutkowski

    No sounds of being hit –
    remove file:

    • mattsarge

      cant find that could it be somewhere else??

      • Piotr Rutkowski

        sorry to hear that – I had the same problem with Aslain modpack,

        removing damageAnnouncer_v2_2.pyc helped in my case.

        • mattsarge

          okay thanks for the help just going to delete mods untill he can update them and fixes it

        • Warhorse01

          This isn’t Aslain’s mudpack. In this mod pack it is a different issue.

    • mattsarge

      or be a different name

    • Louise Lauritsen

      I cannot find that file, or anything close to that, and dont have the sound on getting hits

  • David Cooper

    any1 know the MOD that gives you an audible sound 8-10 secs after being spotted?

  • Trevor Stewart

    Thats not a mod… Its the Sixth Sense skill for a commander

  • TDog

    I found that the ” Multihitlog ” is what caused me to have no sound when shot.

    • Confirmed…multi hit log is causing the loss of sound

      • Przemo Zawisly

        Confirmed too

  • Warhorse01

    What do I remove in multihit log to get the sound back?

    • just dont install the multilog mod checkbox

      • Warhorse01


      • David Utidjian

        I will confirm that NOT installing the multihit log (un-check it) will restore tank-hit sounds.

        Amazing how one can be so dependent on the audio feedback of hits to proper game play.

  • Alessandro Christiano Del Frat

    if the problem is fixed with the update cause your modpack is awful great,would u insert the angling indicater like this one? http://worldof-tanks.com/damagepanel-with-angleindicator-0-8-5/

    • 7lym

      you can find this in the modpack, it on damage panel->solo s damage panel:)

  • تيموثي إسماعيل

    so many features still not available and not working like zoom x32

  • Alessandro Christiano Del Frat

    for the people who wanna use the hangar manager here is the update just copy it in thew usual folder res_mods.9.12 and then paste or drag and drop it from the zip file http://www.goofy67-wot.de/tools.php

  • David Jennings

    Own remaining HP on Maverick Gunsight missing – just show percentage. Most other things I use are working. Thanks for the great Mod

  • reisi8

    ive got the same hitsound problem but i havent got this file 🙁

  • mike

    game won’t run, game resource path does not exist ,./res_mods/0.9.12.