[9.10] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 4

Update 4 for Solo’s ModPack Installer : World of Tanks 0.9.10


Download:[wpdm_package id=’191′]

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  • Recil Clements

    Thanks for keeping it updated, donation very much earned.

  • Kamil Markowski

    Solo I’d like to ask you if you could add what modifications , that contains beside the names of players their nationality (ie flag )

  • KorBaLin

    Are the Flags not a option from XVM?

  • 8lyn

    Is it just me or does Center Minimap doesnt work any more?

  • Bahamut DragonLord

    Anyone else having an issue with the session stats not updating after battles?

  • Jeff Detmer

    I use the base XVM. Is there any way to add spotting Bulbs to the player panle?

    Thanks for the great mob pack

  • dawgtag

    Great job,well done


    gj team!

  • T44


    nice mod. Thank you very much.

    But i have one little question. My problem is the following.

    If i`m staying with my tank very close to a building an drive forward to look, what is behind the building i can do this by using the sniper-view. The gun always aim, where i look.

    But if i use the view outside the tank, the gun barrel always goes up into the sky. Thats sometimes very bad, if an enemy tank stay behind the building, because you have to aim new.

    Any idea what i can do to change this?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Jonathan Blum

      Before looking around in 3rd person view, click and hold right mouse button. then the cannon stays where it is aimed and you can look around freely.

      • T44

        sure, but if you do so, sometimes the enhanced autoaim will autolock on enemy tanks.

        And thats bad because the autolock aims always on the middle of the enemy tank, which is in most cases hidden behind an other building

  • Jeff Detmer

    I keep get the pop up box error message “TCP/IP Ping Command has stopped working”. I believe it is do to the in garage server ping mod is not work. Anyone have a fix.

  • wilwoods

    I use the Solo mini map with “ctrl” to center checked.. When I “ctrl” it stays on the right hand side of the screen and opens as one size larger

  • greenjanner

    on the intro screen, is there a key somewhere to the information that you are being given? I can recognise the WR, No. of battles and WR in the tank in use but what are the single numbers, 4,5,6,7 for example and why do their colours differ, for example?

  • تيموثي إسماعيل

    download failed: The server name or address could not be resolved

    what happen?

  • Joe Calidude

    Great Modpack! I donated $10 to keep it going.

  • Smasssh

    Great modpack. I will donate soon as posible, promise.

    • Srb Srb

      I will donate ‘o lae’, saracu lu peste… You dont have money to cros the street and you donate money! 😀


    before you install the mod pls unistall all other mods from the game and from your pc. This modpack it works very good. thanks.

    • alex roth

      thats why u use clean install

  • Chevalier Teutonique

    what is startdead? also, can i change zoom save to x2 instead of x5? thx alot!

    • Chevalier Teutonique

      an otm reload timer would be good as well!

  • Warwolf 1

    game resource path does not exist ./res_mods/0.9.10/packages/_WWIIHWA.pkg Any Help!

    • Warwolf 1

      Alright i did Fixed the Error but can’t use WWII Sound mod bc it modify the Path.xml and then cant open the game. Any Idea?

  • Milutin Miljanić Miljan

    I liked minimalistic hangar ’cause it was faster to load with him.

  • dawgtag

    When will the 9.12 mod be released

  • MoLo

    any one know if it works on the new patch 9.12??

  • dawgtag

    No,it has to be updated,see a lot off mods allready updated,but i allways use solo’s,it’s the best i like

  • freddie200

    i use solos and like it alot /but i dont see a mods button in settings ..that it shows u on the download page any ideas what i did wrong

  • gawoodswarrior48

    is there going to be a 9.15.9 coming out soon?