[9.10] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 3

Update 3 for Solo’s ModPack Installer : World of Tanks 0.9.10


Download:[wpdm_package id=’185′]

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  • Joseph Pianta


    • Solo


  • eh2015

    great modpack!
    after update launcher shows my language, but game is complete in english, where can i switch it back?

    • Solo

      You installed YasenKrasen [ENG], that [ENG] means it’s English and will change any other language

      • eh2015

        ahh, i see! thank u! 🙂

  • Bravefart

    Hey all, does anyone know how to change the location of the info panel- its a bit too close to the center of the screen. I’d like to move it further down and to the right side- Any help appreciated.

    • Solo

      FAQ in the Installer are there for a reason. Instructions are there

      • Bravefart

        Solo- call me ignorant but that was the first thing I looked for. Assuming its hiding in the config or res mods folder? Any help appreciated. Thanks! Great stuff by the way-Peace Y

        • Solo

          Q: Info panel, is in the wrong place or want it in different spot!

          A: Find World_of_Tanksres_mods.9.XguiscaleformInfoPanel.xml and using Notepad++ edit for each , , , . Test different positions to find the best one.

          • Bravefart

            Great-much appreciated

  • brad1284

    what is gonna happen to these when most of them will be banned

    • Solo

      Who is “them”?

    • Justwalkingthru

      agree with Solo

  • Marcin D

    great pack 🙂 but why change language in game? and how fix it ?

    • Marcin D


      • fdsf

        do not install yansen[eng] version

        • Marcin D

          wow, it worked, thx pal 🙂

  • rowcon123

    thank you so much for all your hard work 🙂 this is the best modpack i have ever used

  • Coming Soon

    pls say me why trere is not top gear voice ingame?

  • wghostw

    Can you add these mods in next release?

    In-game Menu Disconnect, the fastest way to get back in game when net freezes: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/287944-ingame-menu-disconnect-from-server-button-mod/

    Scrolling Battle Chat, scroll through chat msgs: http://wot-shot.com/chat-scrolling/

  • Kamil Markowski

    Add in the future may modifications showing nationality players , ie . A flag next to their nicknames?

  • extra

    thank you very much for your work on the modpack !
    but there’s one thing I miss:
    a timer for the sixth sense –
    in my opinion that would be very helpful …

  • MrAntonaros

    Can you please please please add OTM reload Mod you are doing a great job and OTM is the only mod that seems to be missing

  • Lokesh Devraj

    Thank’s for updating J1mbo’s crosshair!

  • F_A_T_M_A_N

    Have anyone installed spotting calculator, does it work or its just me who cant get it to work.

  • Simpleng Juan

    This is a very good mod pack for WOT. I’ve been using this for a long time now and I’m very satisfied with the work done in this mod. More power to Solo!

  • Trevor Heiple

    Thank you so much for the work u put in making your mods work. Both after the update and during it, it really makes my gaming experience that much more! 🙂

  • 7lym

    Hey. Any chance for update 4? Especially for xvm and yasenkransen updates:)