[9.10] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 2

Update 2 for Solo’s ModPack Installer : World of Tanks 0.9.10


Download:[wpdm_package id=’179′]

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  • Recil Clements

    Thanks greatly, only a few tweaks were needed, promptly delivered. Thanks.

  • wilwoods

    as always u ROCK

  • Lokesh Devraj

    J1mbo’s Crosshair looks very different now. More like the stock crosshair. Aaah! -.-

    • Liviu B

      i think it’s a bug or something…dont tell me j1mbo it’s like this now?:|

      • Solo

        Will be fixed

        • Liviu B

          thx i will wait for it

        • Ty Gibbs

          Yay. I actually wrote something up asking about this but had posted it in the 9.9 version by accident. Very weird…I like my solid aim circle and pointer like Lokesh as well. :3

          • Ty Gibbs

            Heya solo, did it get changed/fixed yet? 🙂

      • Lokesh Devraj

        No not really. I did a bit of version history search on J1mbo’s crosshairs since the first release. It turns out he released it with several different customizable versions. This current modpack release has the dashed-line aim circle and a triangle pointer in the middle. I personally prefer the one with the solid border aiming circle and the solid fill pointer in the middle like it always has been.

        • Liviu B

          yeah me too…i can play without it..hope they will make it back with solid aiming

  • Myrcc gaming

    The calculation for next upgrade/vehicle should exclude free experience as it did before. Current one is crap.

  • Scott Levin

    Still having problem before this release: when holding left-Ctrl, damaged modules go dark and can’t be selected for repair by mouse cursor in the damage indicator box. Is this fixed?

  • JoeSlater

    THX for this mod, great job!
    It would be fine if the player names would be removed at the ingame XVM stats for the teams in the battle mode. I don’t know wether it’s neccesary to show the names during a battle. The colored dots should be enough. If u want to see a player name is it possible by pushing the alt-button.

  • stenvendel

    is melthys cross sight the same?

  • Jørgen Tangerud

    Would like to have MoE % on the tank-carusel 🙂

  • Eric


    nice mod pack.

    I want to change to it. It is posible to add a “six sence” sound with a count down of 6 sec. I kown it from other mod packs, and it is very helpfull.

    Bye Eric

  • dawgtag

    Xvm 9.10 is out,do we get a update soon

  • Coming Soon

    why there is not top grecs voice? pls fix it

  • Scott McGregor

    hey Solo…still having problems with my JT 8.8 not showing up in game. all tabs have been deselected, primary, premium, german etc…still nothing. used to be able to select through tech tree…but now its no longer in tech tree I cant play with it. Help me!

  • OldemarCR

    EDIT: sorry just found it on the list….

    Any plans on enabling the Artillery “G” key mod?
    (I think its the name is battle assistant)

  • Jan Lir

    Really nice modpack, my favorite, but would be that possible to add OTM-reload mod to it?

  • Liviu B

    when j1mbo will be fixed ?

  • RunningBiscuit

    Does anyone know where the config for the damage log (hit log) is? I want to have it next to damage panel with hits received, but when I choose that option it ends up in the top of the screen and it’s being hidden by the player panels

  • Bikerbob

    Well, since 9.10 I have had problems with many items in the modpack. I am a contributor and have used it for well over a year now. Can we get a forum .. for trouble shooting? Maybe I should uninstall and reinstall the whole game? I cannot get Yasen to work right.. my mini map has shadows on names, several others I have turned off, and I find in general my game more messed up since 9.10. ANyone else?

  • dawgtag

    I hope soon there will be a update of ur great pack,missing garage and the latest final xvm,but still using ur pack almost a year now,good work