[] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 3

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Solo’s ModPack Update 3

Solo’s ModPack fully complies with new Fair Play Policy Rules

All mods in the ModPack are “LEGAL” and are safe to use.


   U3[1.0.16] 5/4/18
 -Fixed FPS drops
 -Fixed Game Freezing on Battle loading
 -Melty, Tippan, WoWp, Solo’s, Deegie Crosshairs 

 If you speak another language and understand
 English and would like to help me translate, please comment below.

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soloviykoSolo’s ModPack Installer Update 3 (88MB)

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Mirror: US Host Mirror: EU Host

Regarding Crashes that few are experiencing: Based on the bug reports, I’ve received. Most are related to known WoT bugs and some are new game engine anomalies when running mods.
If you experience crashes, start by re-Installing the modpack without  “Tank Sounds“, “Skins/Re-Models“, “HitSkins” and “XVM” in that order.
Always submit a Bug Report , I read them all.

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Compatible with Windows and Mac OS [Guide how to Install]

VirusTotal Scan

It is highly recommended to do a clean install of the mods.