[] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 3

 Update 3

Solo’s Modpack fully complies with new Fair Play Policy Rules

All mods in the ModPack are "LEGAL" and are safe to use.


U3 [9.20.3] 9/3/17
        - HARPOON
        - HARPOON Easy
        - Hardscope
        - J1mB0*s Icon Set
        - Riskynet*s Icons
        - Spotted Lite
        - MultiHitLog
        - DebugPanel
        - Sounds Extended
        - HitSkins
        - Death Shot Replay

soloviykoSolo’s ModPack Installer Update 3 (70MB)

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Checksum information
Name: SoloModPack_v0.9.20.0_U3.exe
Size: 73743202 bytes (70 MB)

SHA256: EDDA4211AF7FB37CEAC37F1688988354E993830224A248A5422B1FB2692DF5B1

It is highly recommended to do a clean install of the mods.

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Fair Play Policy (Illegal Mods-WG Q&A)

Q: Are reload timers illegal?
A: Yes.
Q: The ability to lock onto a target that isn’t highlighted, is that illegal?
A: This is now considered a cheat.
Q: Can I use a mod that allows me to zoom out more?
A: Yes, you can use a mod which allows you to zoom out further from your own tank.
Q: Can we use mods that change the color of destroyed tanks?
A: Yes, you can use mods that change the color of destroyed tanks.
Q: Is Arty Battle Assist still approved by Wargaming to use?
A: Yes, we’re still okay with it.
Q: Can Wargaming ban me without giving reason and/or evidence?
A: When we ban someone for using cheats, we state in the message that a forbidden game function was used. We don’t provide any details on when a player was detected or what kind of cheat was detected because we don’t want to compromise our detection methods.
Q: Do Warnings/Bans/Points on your account ever get removed or reset?
A: Its 2 strikes and you’re out. For the first offence the player gets a 7-days ban, for the 2nd – permaban. There are no plans to reset flags over a time period for now.
Q: When will the cheat detection system start working?
A: It is up and running(as of 0.9.16)

ModPack FAQ

It is highly recommended to do a clean install of the mods.
Q:    Installed XVM, but some things don’t show.
A:    Things such as:
*Player stats
*Chance % to win
Have to be Enabled from XVM’s Website http://www.modxvm.com Under “Settings” Tab
Q:After installing the ModPack FPS dropped!
A:    Some mods use more system resources:
  • Any Minimap mod
  • XVM
  • Team Pool HP Bar
Q:    Icons/Names overlay on minimap
A:    Disable extra minimap features in game settings
Q:    Tank tier is covering Installed tank icons!
A:    In game settings under “General” uncheck “show vehicle tier”
Q:    Backup! Where is it located?
A:    It will be in World of Tanks\SoloModPack\backup  folder.
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  • David Mischel


    • Solo


  • WildCat

    Solo… LOVE your work. Though I do wish, and maybe I’m blind here, that you would list the ‘Changes’ you’ve made between the modpacks. Excellent work as always! Cheers!

    • Solo

      Change-log scroll up and in the installer

  • Ty Gibbs

    Is the received damage hit log not working for anyone else? The outgoing damage log works but not incoming. 🙁

    • Solo

      XVM bug, wait for U4

      • Ty Gibbs

        Gotcha. Thanks for the hard work as always. 🙂

  • Kim Ewen

    Just realised that the debug panel – V2 Style by NooBool isn’t showing up in game

    • Solo

      Could be, It’s my fav one, and im testing U4 now so, it’s working there for sure

      • Kim Ewen

        Cool, its the one that gives the most info most quickly 🙂

        A quick question for you, I use J1mB0’s XVM config as its nice and minimal, but I wanted to add the clan icons and country (language) flags, I managed the clanicons (set to true) but how do I enable the Flags?

  • Drgun

    Hello from Spain, I installed the mods pack, but it changed the language of the game to English, how can I turn it back to Spanish. Thx

    • Solo

      You have installed YasenKrasen, that mod changes UI language to English

      • Drgun


  • Richard Parris

    Hi I am getting mirrored icons with Black spy chosen since U3