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From the post:

After the update, we’ve got some issues that are pretty frustrating for folks. We’re working with the dev team to get permanent fixes for you as soon as possible. In the meantime, we wanted to provide a few suggestions that may assist some players until the permanent fixes arrive.


We know that these things have helped *some* folks, but these are not guaranteed to work for everyone.


  • Clear out your preferences folder
    • To do this Press the Windows key + R, and type %appdata%\wargaming.net. Then Delete the “worldoftanks” folder.
  • Disable replays
  • Run the game in safe mode
  • For graphical issues, be sure your graphics card drivers are updated.


We are also continuing to gather information, so if you have any info that you feel would assist us, you may post it in this thread. If you can, please include reproduction steps and screenshots of any issues you encounter.


Please keep your posts as clear and constructive as possible. This thread is specifically for you to share information that may assist us. Posts that are not created to share information or to ask clarifying questions will be deleted.


Be assured that we are working diligently to get these issues addressed. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

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  • p14b

    Thx for the notice!!!, i thought it was just me having CTD issues, since 9.15 Freezing issues happening most games, 80% of them put me back to desktop where i get a notice saying GFX DRIVER STOPPED WORKING, tried everything nothing works 100%, but i do get less CTD if i backdate my Nvidia driver to 365.19. Thx pb

    • Solo

      Update your nvidia drivers. They updated World of Tanks in 368.22

      • p14b

        Yes and that makes me crash 50% more , just played again just now with the latest driver 368.39 and my 1st game i CTD 3 times in my 1 and only game.

        for some unknown reason driver 365.19 before all this crap, seems to be the best working driver for me. but that said iv just >> Clear out your preferences folder
        To do this Press the Windows key + R, and type %appdata%wargaming.net. Then Delete the “worldoftanks” folder.< paul

        • Solo

          I’ve come down to conclusion that it’s caused by memory leak in game. My first game always freezes with or without mods. I also noticed that with mods if I restart, it goes into battle which rules out mod related problem, since it would not of let me in, if some mod was broken. That WG love

          • p14b

            whats your best advice/fix on memory leak,

  • StealthSabot

    I really thought my GPU was going out. I replaced my Nvidia with a AMD and no more crashes. Good to know! My Nvidia was a great card.

    • p14b

      LOL!!! If only WG used your approach to problem solving. “”Sack the lot of them! and replace””

      • StealthSabot

        Haha!You would think Communism would have already taught them.

  • Rupert Jenkins

    Mine crashes out on the loading screen usually and has just started doing it mid game, screen goes white, close the screen and reboot, all god for a couple of games then it starts again. Sorry I’m dropping your mod pack. I’ll reload once it’s fixed.

  • Snugpeach

    client freezes to black screen just before u enter password. I cleared out the preferences folder, client still goes to black. I am not sure how to disable replays or run in safe mode. I am currently updating nvid driver.

  • Dark

    One thing I did was to move everything from the 0.9.15 or to my desktop, started the game, login and quit. I then put everything back in the 0.9.15/ and the game worked with the mods.