[Mod-Day] MultiHitLog

Let’s start by explaining “MoD-Day”. It’s a made up “Day”, where Solo and COMMUNITY dig deep into the mod of choice. Community  will be the  main  focus here. Without you what I plan to do will fail. What is Solo’s plan? Every week I plan to pick a mod and discuss it. Tell everything about it and discuss it’s future in the ModPack .  I will propose different configurations and changes to the mod. You, the Community will vote for which should be included in modpack, but my main purpose if this experiment is to involve you guys. I want you, to modify and change the mod yourself and post it back. There are thousands of you, who use my modpack, I’m sure together we can make this pack even better.

Mod of a Day: Multihitlog

Author: Dark_Knight_MiX

Home: RU Server

Link: Tick


Mod is a calculator of WN8, EFF, XWN8, XEFF, COEF, DIFF, DAMAGE, MAINGUN which shows them live during the battle.  Very useful for those who care about their stats, or simply want to know how they are doing. It’s individual for every tank and it’s calculation parameters are always updated from server. The mod is very popular between pro players and is a requirement for some clans to have.

 Folder Structure:








.JSON file is the config file. (Recommended editor Notepad++)

[wpdm_package id=’312′]

Safe to install over ModPack (even if you selected it in modpack)


Mod Future:

Currently in ModPack













Future additions: (Update 4)

















































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P.S.  I  strongly encourage everyone  to discuss and to try and modify this mod for your liking. Post your results for discussion and if your modification is popular or I like it, I’ll include it in the modpack. I hope this experiment works as I planned.

Ty, Solo


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