[9.19.0] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 0

 Update 0

Solo’s Modpack fully complies with new Fair Play Policy Rules

All mods in the ModPack are "LEGAL" and are safe to use.


Initial Release for Patch

soloviykoSolo’s ModPack Installer Update 0 (48MB)

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Checksum information
Name: SoloModPack_v0.9.19.0_U0.exe
Size: 50594971 bytes (48 MB)

SHA256: 26257D64BA40623D62C7BDD7558556A50D1CF89CC57D8639542641AC341A565E
It is highly recommended to do a clean install of the mods.

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Fair Play Policy (Illegal Mods-WG Q&A)

Q: Are reload timers illegal?
A: Yes.
Q: The ability to lock onto a target that isn’t highlighted, is that illegal?
A: This is now considered a cheat.
Q: Can I use a mod that allows me to zoom out more?
A: Yes, you can use a mod which allows you to zoom out further from your own tank.
Q: Can we use mods that change the color of destroyed tanks?
A: Yes, you can use mods that change the color of destroyed tanks.
Q: Is Arty Battle Assist still approved by Wargaming to use?
A: Yes, we’re still okay with it.
Q: Can Wargaming ban me without giving reason and/or evidence?
A: When we ban someone for using cheats, we state in the message that a forbidden game function was used. We don’t provide any details on when a player was detected or what kind of cheat was detected because we don’t want to compromise our detection methods.
Q: Do Warnings/Bans/Points on your account ever get removed or reset?
A: Its 2 strikes and you’re out. For the first offence the player gets a 7-days ban, for the 2nd – permaban. There are no plans to reset flags over a time period for now.
Q: When will the cheat detection system start working?
A: It is up and running(as of 0.9.16)

ModPack FAQ

It is highly recommended to do a clean install of the mods.
Q:    Installed XVM, but some things don’t show.
A:    Things such as:
*Player stats
*Chance % to win
Have to be Enabled from XVM’s Website http://www.modxvm.com Under “Settings” Tab
Q:After installing the ModPack FPS dropped!
A:    Some mods use more system resources:
  • Any Minimap mod
  • XVM
  • Team Pool HP Bar
Q:    Icons/Names overlay on minimap
A:    Disable extra minimap features in game settings
Q:    Tank tier is covering Installed tank icons!
A:    In game settings under “General” uncheck “show vehicle tier”
Q:    Backup! Where is it located?
A:    It will be in World of Tanks\SoloModPack\backup  folder.
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  • Sáfrány Gábor

    Hangar manager doesnt work…

  • Eric Raven

    it crashes sometimes after the battle, the menu does not popup in the hangar and you only see the tank nothing else on screen, also in the afterbattle report instead of appearing the name it appears an error string

  • Tibi7

    Czy celowniki MELTY są dostępne w tym Modpack, jeśli tak to jak go włączyć?

  • Kevin Van Der Wouw

    black spy icons does not work

  • Sergio Ceñal

    same error as eric raven…

  • commodore777

    Windows 10 prevents installation

  • Koen Dijker

    Some bugs:
    1) It crashes sometimes after battles leaving me no option then to quit en restart the game.
    2) GUI Configs, Solo’s XVM , panels look different, shows no specific info anymore on Tier and Tank of teams
    3) Extra XVM options, Gold Locker does not work
    4) Extra XVM options, FreeXp Locker does not work
    5) Tank Icons, Dark Agent (by Romskyns) does not work, another is shown instead
    6) uncertain if this is WOT or MOD, but in the battlereports I receive sometimes a plain XML extract or something like that instead of the converted text/info. Something like (not exact): [{“Spotted: “}] [{“2″….etc

  • Karl Heinz Rumenige

    it crashes sometimes after the battle, the menu does not popup in the hangar and you only see the tank nothing else on screen.

  • wilwoods

    I am getting the same issue with game crash after the battle but on a positive note FPS and ping are back. I was getting 5 fps and I am back to 100 plus and ping was between 55 and 500. Now its back to 22

  • wilwoods

    hey Solo I will post the files to the bug reporting system but here is what I am seeing after installing the following mods
    1) game will crash when it returns to hangar after two games. It seems to be after every second game and when I restart all is good for 2 games
    2) XVM auto return equipment is not working
    3) multihitlog pro is down
    4) Hit skins (gohu (sp?)) are downloading and showing they have installed but aren’t
    5) When I deleted the mod that shows effective in hangar armor I got a message in a clean install did I want to continue (?). I clicked Ok and installer crashed. I restarted and it installed perfectly
    6) The damage panel – Solo’s with angle (outer) did not install
    I feel horrible reporting bugs as it just means more work for you

  • Cenk Ataseven

    for those who want to change minimap zoom feature from Left CTRL to caps lock:

    go to C:GamesWorld_of_Tanksres_modsconfigsxvmdefault

    open hotkeys.xc

    find the row: “minimapZoom”: { “enabled”: true, “keyCode”: 29, “onHold”: true },

    change 29 to 58

    save file

  • Cenk Ataseven

    temporary fix for crash after battle is “to delete hangar.xc file in the folder C:GamesWorld_of_Tanksres_modsconfigsxvmdefault