[9.17.0] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 0

Update 0 for Solo’s ModPack Installer : World of Tanks

It is highly recommended to do a clean install of the mods.

Solo’s Modpack fully complies with new Fair Play Policy Rules


-Initial 9.17

  • Crosshairs Disabled (Update for new Swedish TDs )

[wpdm_package id=’428′]

Fair Play Policy (Illegal Mods-WG Q&A)

Q: Are reload timers illegal?
A: Yes.

Q: The ability to lock onto a target that isn’t highlighted, is that illegal?
A: This is now considered a cheat.

Q: Can I use a mod that allows me to zoom out more?
A: Yes, you can use a mod which allows you to zoom out further from your own tank.

Q: Can we use mods that change the color of destroyed tanks?
A: Yes, you can use mods that change the color of destroyed tanks.

Q: Is Arty Battle Assist still approved by Wargaming to use?
A: Yes, we’re still okay with it.

Q: Can Wargaming ban me without giving reason and/or evidence?
A: When we ban someone for using cheats, we state in the message that a forbidden game function was used. We don’t provide any details on when a player was detected or what kind of cheat was detected because we don’t want to compromise our detection methods.

Q: Do Warnings/Bans/Points on your account ever get removed or reset?
A: Its 2 strikes and you’re out. For the first offence the player gets a 7-days ban, for the 2nd – permaban. There are no plans to reset flags over a time period for now.

Q: When will the cheat detection system start working?
A: It is up and running(as of 0.9.16)


It is highly recommended to do a clean install of the mods.

Q:    Installed XVM, but some things don’t show.
A:    Things such as:
*Player stats
*Chance % to win
Have to be Enabled from XVM’s Website http://www.modxvm.com Under “Settings” Tab

Q:After installing the ModPack FPS dropped!
A:    Some mods use more system resources:

  • Any Minimap mod
  • XVM
  • Team Pool HP Bar

Q:    Icons/Names overlay on minimap
A:    Disable extra minimap features in game settings

Q:    Tank tier is covering Installed tank icons!
A:    In game settings under “General” uncheck “show vehicle tier”

Q:    Backup! Where is it located?
A:    It will be in World of Tanks\SoloModPack\backup  folder.

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  • 3aja2eb

    Hi Solo,

    Can you upload it somewhere else? maybe Google drive or so? the bandwidth is very poor in this server. I am downloading with 7kb/s and it failed already once.


    • games0124

      mine is fine

    • Solo

      Best is to cancel and retry again, because there are so many downloads some are placed on to the slow lane- at least that’s what I call it.

      • Matthew Paluch

        super fast here, and thanks!!!

  • wilwoods

    Thanks Solo!!

  • wilwoods

    I did notice the modd that shows eff, wn8, damage and another item up in the top right screen corner did not run even though it was installed

    • Solo

      They were checked but didn’t show up in the game?

      • nj^

        With WN8+EFF they show up for me, but when I tried all four nothing was visible.
        Also pogs contour have mirrored icons on the enemy team during the battle loading screen, but they are normal in battle.

      • wilwoods

        Yes. I repeated the install just to make sure and they “install” but don’t show in the game. I will send the logs to the bug report site

  • 7lym

    Hey Solo, thanks for the modpack.
    Could you please include the DirectionBox or is it illegal now? (the mod which tells you if you have direct line of fire with enemy out of your vision, using arrows)

    • Solo

      DirectionBox in a form that it is now is illegal, WG only allows “ONE” arrow

      • 7lym

        Ok, i understand. I guess we should start reading the minimap lol.
        One more thing, i think it`s xvm related: on a battle report, when hovering over total damage/spotting/damage blocked icons, it displays the numbers vertically, one digit at a time, paired with the information message`s letters.
        kind of:
        1 T
        2 o
        3 t
        6 a
        9 l
        i guess it s about escape chars, dunno 😛

      • Liviu Bogdan


  • Laure Brillat

    Hello Solo thanks for the great work 🙂

    Vehicules weak spots are decompressed in 0.9.17 folder. Need to move them to folder

  • wilwoods

    Solo I ran the mod pack installer a few times and just wanted to confirm that:

    MultiHitlog Pro and Hitskins (the large file) don’t “install”. I can see the installer chugging away and saying they are installing but when you run the game client they don’t show up in “play” itself.

  • Verdon Penyee

    How do you auto aim non-highlighted targets?

    • Matthew Paluch

      autoaim+ was a mod that would snap the clients in-game auto aim onto a tank if you were close (but not w cursor directly over it, just in vicinity). bc it just helped use the in game auto aim (and didnt lead shots or aim for weakpoints, just plain old right click auto aim), ppl thought it was not bannable, but it has been ruled it is bannable.

  • Angel

    hey, thanks for uploading so fast this one! Can you please make a separate damage panel just to see if we got hit by apcr or standard? The damage panel option we have now in this modpack is really annoying with that big red number when you got hit, now you cant disable that option! it was available for deactivating in older versions of this modpack, can you look at it please? thanks

    • Angel

      also i cant disable the solo’s with angle indicator when i select the damage panel, please look at it!

  • Angel

    can we get the 50m circle in the modpack too?

  • Sebastien Friolet

    it says incompatible game version

  • FranekW

    What about 17.0.1 ? This is a shit playing without Solo’s mods.

  • Eric Estanque dela Rosa

    hi there update in this version 9,17.0? i cant use crosshair 🙁