[9.16] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 5

Update 5 for Solo’s ModPack Installer : World of Tanks 0.9.16


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[wpdm_package id=’400′]

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  • Karthus Counters Noone

    Thanks for the update, fixed lots of problems, but I started seeing some new stuff I don’t know about, what’s up with the shield and crosshair icons on top of friendlies and enemies respectively? I guess shield is for low hp friendlies and crosshair is for one-shot enemies? Which mod installs that?

  • istvan kolkert

    First of all i love your mod installer but there is a little problem for me, i got the ”Wargaming game Center” and now i don’t have a world of tanks launcher. so your mod said that i don’t have world of tanks installed but i do.

  • istvan kolkert

    The chat and minimap are not working

  • Steven Gil

    Thx a lot !

  • wilwoods

    Morning and thank you!

  • wilwoods

    minor bug… in battle when I hit CRTL to bring up the centered mini map it seems to highlight the battle chat app. It turns green and goes muted again when I release CRTL

    Thanks solo

  • Vinski

    For me pretty much everything is broken in this mod, I’m reverting back to update 4.
    – garage has 3 rows, I did not select this
    – damage taken over enemy tanks is misplaced
    – minimap looks strange, I did not select any minimap mod
    – details over enemy tanks are blocking the tanks itself at long distances, so you can’t see if the tank is behind wall or not

  • Tim

    When will the colorblind colors mod come back?

  • Yusuf D

    Best mod ever solo 🙂

  • wilwoods

    Weird all of a sudden after a coupe of days of playing the pop up message is telling me I am using mod pack 4 and update 5 is available. I am actually using mod pack 5. The only change is I unchecked one mod that would make a generic announcement when I was hit (results informer)