• B17

    Thank you Solo’

  • LtGeneralAndrew

    Still running into issues with Platoon invites, Minimap seems fixed, and MultiHitLog doesn’t show up.

  • Pakos

    Thank you!

  • RunningBiscuit

    Would ‘Default XVM Config’ be what “solo’s config” used to be?

  • really?

    When I try to install modpack 9.16.2 I get a world of tanks game not found error message. The folder/game is there but I can’t get past that message.

  • Ivan Smiljanec

    I can not accept calls at the line in the garage big problem

  • ivaR

    For me the detailed battle results are not shown !?? Anyway – still a extrem nize mod:D

  • shin

    Welcome back Solo, as always, thank you for the awesome modpack!

  • Wotdotio

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  • Thành Nguyễn Trung

    may I ask what is the feature of Advanced Armor Indicator? I tried to install it many times in previous patch but I saw nothing happened.

  • ianp101

    I am running into problems with the After-Battle results screen and the in game kill counter, (the one that shows you what tanks are what and how many kills they have). Platoon invites never seem to make it to me, but I can send them and platoon just fine.

    • CaptainUsopp

      Same here, Solo mentioned in the past updates (1 and 2), that it’s an XVM bug, so I guess there’s nothing we can do for now.

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  • Fox1990

    yes. He is back! thanks for your update!