• chanduka

    Cant aim with shift key. I checked the controls cant set right or left shift key to any function. Cant join a platoon. Mini map starts extra small on every battle.

    • Solo

      there is a bug with XVM with small minimap and platoon joining, but Shift key, I’ll check on that

  • Ra Dracones

    Tab key on chat not working.

    • KingOrth

      in the 9.16 update there is no more ”ALL” chat, only team chat and platoon. Only available intraning rooms

  • Mark Hetem

    not sure if this is too much to ask but is there a log of what each mod does? cause some of them sound interesting but I have no idea what they are used for and there is no preview of them either, maybe links to the original mods or something along those lines? would really appreciate it.

    • Solo

      I’ll update previews or add description to those that can’t have the previews. Priority now is to get everything updated first.

  • Ra Dracones

    Enemy complain log not complet. 3 of 10

  • Tom Nowak

    Something messes up platoon, I invite and my buddy can’t join, and I can’t join to his platoon. After pressing “accept” nothing happens

    • Solo

      XVM bug

  • Tom Nowak

    Request please: Milky’s mod shop

  • limoozina

    My body is ready… Thank you for 9.16 modpack Solo 🙂

  • Alan Neal

    well some thing is wrong I can’t see Details from previous Battles I have played and I can’t join in any training room invites as well what am I to do ?

  • wilwoods

    Welcome back and thanks for all the hard work

  • SnowMan

    my fav mod pack is back in town,welcome back

  • JD H

    We thought youre went MIA. Im happy you didntˇˇ welcome back, dear 🙂

  • GWS

    How great to get your modpack back. Thanks for the good work.

  • Aviator5

    Thanks Solo Love your MOD packs. Agree with GWS nice to have them back and hope you enjoyed your holiday.