• Hamza Say Interista

    wooooouuuuhouuuu Solo is alive ………………..

  • OMG is it really back!

  • Tom Nowak


  • David Wilder

    need my solos mods cant stand the other modpacks

  • Justin

    When I start a battle the stats for the players don’t show up. Everything else works. Is there something I have to activate or de-activate? I’ve had it working in the past.

  • B17

    thank you Solo”’ it’s been a long time thank you agian

  • CCGomez

    Wait wait wait…..Solo you are back!!!

    OMG man…..you have been missed!!! Thank you greatly for coming back and giving us your pack. Da best!

  • Charles Taylor

    All hail the mighty Solo!

  • Ra Dracones

    Welcome back man 🙂 Now I’m happy 🙂

  • Blunham

    God I have missed you.
    Welcome back to the land of the living Solo may you reign forever.