[9.15] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 1

Update 1 for Solo’s ModPack Installer : World of Tanks 0.9.15


Important Note:

Disable XMQP else you will get stuck on loading into the battle (This is experimental feature from XVM that has yet to be polished )




Dropbox referral link https://db.tt/Tx9B6ud

[wpdm_package id=’284′]

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  • Kiel Powell

    @solo when are the sixth since sound mods coming back i miss my star fox chick lol

    • Solo


  • Matthew Paluch

    i dont have a settings menu, just activate and update and logout =(

  • Cam Shaft

    thank you for update !!

  • David Cooper

    won’t load even following the instructions to disable XMQP 🙁 (beastmaster84 in game)

  • Battleblood

    download stops at 4.2 mb. does not matter how many times i restart the download it always stop at 4.2mb. Why?

    • balexandre

      try with anonymous browser, I get the hole file correctly.

  • Josey Wales

    Hello, and many thanks for the update! I don’t find another mod pack so good for me as yours, Keep up the good work!

  • Schniebel

    If u cant see last spottet tank marks on ur minimap go to C./Windows/Fonts and delete the XVM Standard font. after that the icons should reappear.

    Game runs fine leaving XMQP on for me.

  • mangiran

    It still reports:

    XVM v6.3.1.1. http://www.modxvm.com
    File not found.

  • H3avy

    Thanks for not leaving us hanging !!!!!!!!!

  • Josey Wales


    “X” key that prevents TD and SPG hull from moving when aiming is not working. Could you please take a look at that and tell me how to sort that out? It makes extremely difficult to play with low traverse guns such as S51.


  • JambroZg

    3d icons dont work… 🙁

  • Matei B

    I’ve disabled XMQP but it still hangs before loading the batlle… Uninstalling the SOLO mod made the game working again

  • Marco Fiaschi

    hello i have Disable XMQP, but again i get stuck on loading into the battle

  • TacOpsSlick

    Intro video removal doesn’t seem to work. Are you working on a fix for that? That the most obnoxious video ever! Love your mod Solo. Thanks!

  • RotInPixels

    when i downloaded it, world of tanks stopped working. it keeps saying “unable to connect to update service” help please?

  • Mark

    after install, I miss some Tanks, for instance KV-1 is not longer available??

  • Richard Evans

    CTRL for Minimap increase in size broken with today’s micropatch.
    Carousels also broken.
    Autoaim also seems to be disabled. Can’t auto aim for my fast scouts anymore. This was true also in the Soccer matches – it says find another target but never locks on .

  • Richard Evans

    zoom broken. seems they activated a lot of new in game effects that were only done in mods before.
    Mods default to the in-game versions. New learning curve.
    Feels different too. Jerky at times as code pulls overrides over mods.
    Minimaps don’t work either. CTRL doesn’t make it larger anymore.
    Arty- battle assistant stopped working.
    Autoaim doesn’t work.
    Reticle upgrades don’t work/
    Nvidia settings adjusted for 9.15.0 no longer best for changes with today’s micro patches for soccer. And the new effects.

    Suggestions? Also XVM not working, no messages in the queue either.

  • Ivan Smiljanec

    do not like to let a new update