• Oscar Fernandez-barredo

    The minimap and Battle Icons don’t work, thanks.

  • THe__0nE

    Bug report: Crosshair MeltyMap’sMath does not shot reloading and aiming circle. Tank icons does not appear in tab and main screen. NoScroll doesnt work too. HitSkins (DLC) does not apply.

  • zarac

    Bug report: After clean installation (manually deleted the contents of res_mods), folder is RECREATED and “spotted extended” is copied into this folder. It is the same bug that has been occuring ever since modpack 0.9.14 update 0.

    • Solo

      will fix

      • Artisant DelaConnerie

        can i ask you why, since they changed the game sounds ( guns are terrible btw )

        dont you update gnomefather anymore…its a great loss damn theses high tiers gun firing…it was a blast before

  • JheregCG60

    The_One, try switching your reticle settings as Meltys works fine here after clean install. I did initially try out the “new” WoT crosshair and setting it to that makes the vision crosshair disappear. Meltys reload also works on my install.

  • Alan Neal

    so how long before we can instill 9.15 ?

    • Solo

      what stops you from doing so now?

    • RichardC55

      I have no idea when you can “instill” the 9.15 mod pack, but you can INSTALL the 9.15 mod pack now — provided the site isn’t over its resource limit when you try.

  • Nathan Bringgold

    Bug report: The 3D icons for tanks do not work and are showing instead the basic shape and tier. No name at all. Also when the hull is locked, there is no indication of it. Not sure if this is a mod issue or game issue, but I figure I should put it here.

  • ivaR

    Hi, my PC crashes after logged in in battle (counter 30s) !!! Tried it 3 times – any advices….?

    So long, it’s the best modpack ever! Dont wanted to play with anythin else.
    Thanks a lot Solo.

    • H3avy

      the game is freezing after i finish a battle and return to the garage , freezes in the garage image with the tank, but i can not see the whole garage interface.

  • PPWalris

    The last known spotted tank position for enemies aren’t showing the vehicle type for the default mini-map option, not even a dot. The only other minimap that shows the vehicle types is Demons and that mod has some weird tank icons that I dont understand :p. I’ve fiddled around with the files but all the flags already have “enemy” included in them. Does anyone know how I could resolve this?

    • Pakos

      Go to windows/fonts and delete anything that has xvm as a name. You should have two files xvm regular and xvmsymbol normal. Just delete them, that should fix the problem. Also choose default screen at the modpack

      • PPWalris

        Thanks it worked :D. I dont know why removing one of the fonts that contains the icons would fix it but it did. That was way out of my expertise so I appreciate the help.

  • Mike Roberts

    Hi, Great job on your mod pack as always. The three line carousel isn’t working with 9.15, and the “dar icons” are mirrored for the red team. TY and keep up the good work.

  • Deus Victim

    Hi, great job, thx; how can i find zoom out camera option i normal view (no sniper view!!!) to see more range?

  • Josey Wales


    After installing the mod pack, the X (preventing hull movement in TD and SPG when traversing the gun) does not work. I tried reassigning the command to other keys, to no avail…

    Other mod that does not seem to work properly is the one telling you spotted enemies.

    Thanks for the mod pack.

  • Gocuu

    Halo halo, HARDicons are not working for me. :c

  • KosaPlayGames

    Bug Report : Changing ingame language

  • H3avy

    Having issues when installing MOD because the installer creates the folder and puts there the spotter mods, i moved the files to the folder 0.9.15 and merged them there but now after i finish a battle the game freezes in the garage interface. Then i have to exit game and restart it again.
    Why the MOD 0.9.15 still creates a folder that doesn´t work in game ?

    • Damir Grbac

      Same problems with me … the games freezes after I want to left the game after I was killed. But after the restart the game stops loading at updating garage or updating discounts. No probs when I start the game in safe mode without mods.

  • Ty Gibbs

    Colored hit markers are displaying red/yellow striped “Problem?” box instead of the actual hit marker. Not sure what’s up with that.

  • Krachas

    minimalistic InfoPanel isn’t working, default zoom x2 isn’t working (sets on x4), Hangar mod hangs the game if one doesn’t quit the mach before the end. Spotted line is also not working. Overall – big thank you for the mod pack and it would be cool if you add 10 second spotted signal mod.

    • Krachas

      The problem might be not because of the hangar… The game still crashes.

  • avandelay

    Howdy. Great work on this. I am having an issue with the ‘T’ button. I have it set as targeting a tank. When I use it in game I get Attack instead. I also like the 10 second spot mod if you were to add anything.
    Thank you

    • wilwoods

      I have the same issue and also your chat is probably defaulting to global vs team

      • avandelay

        Yes it is. I thought I was messing that up.

    • Schniebel

      It isn’t woking in the vanilla client, too. so I think its not a problem with a mod.

  • Jeff Wright

    problem of crash at the end of match

    • Ivan Smiljanec

      and I do it all the time and in the last 9:14 and at 9:15 you ‘ll mjenjat mode or please reply

  • Ivan Smiljanec

    Please answer why we are blocked out of the game in the battle that was going on before it happens and now I have no more nerves and I believe not many others do you wonder when if it will solved

  • Kiel Powell

    anyone having the problem with crashing before and after each game?

    • Typek81

      I have it, how could i fix that?

  • H3avy

    Yes i am having the same problem, crashing after i finish a game. Also i posted before ( can see it down there ) another issue with folders in RES_MODS folder.

  • H3avy

    Why the MOD 0.9.15 still creates a folder that doesn´t work in game ?

  • H3avy

    Forgot to say : this is a good MOD , one of the best if not the best for me ( cheers SOLO great job ) , issues are common at this stage of a recent update in game, lets hope SOLO can fix them . 🙂

  • Davoda1

    Bug Report: The NoScroll mod is not working.

    • Schniebel

      In 9.15 is an optinon in the settings wich makes the mod obsolete.

  • von_Anstetten

    Yep, crashing after the game.

    In 9.14 “T” button worked on tanks in cover – now it works ONLY in direct sight: your crosshair must on the tank and must have a clear sight on it.
    Don’t know why.

    • Ty Gibbs

      That is auto-aim mod that allows you to queue targets not in direct line of shot. Clearly either not working or a different version in this update of the modpack.

  • Jason Michael Perry

    Love your mods. Here are my problems. Left-Control + Enter to make map large also brings up global chat. Once that is done can never got back to talk to my own side only. Am unable to lock tracks on SPGs or TDs. X doesn’t work. For some reason variable pings and in times screen lag. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Reinstalled Solos mods. Problems still existed. Deleted all in Res_Mods and Solo file and ran Aslains just fine. Deleted those and ran Quickbabys. Those worked fine as well.

    • Jason Michael Perry

      I prefer Solos mods. Have used them for years.

  • Marco Fiaschi

    9.15.0 game start, but when you start a battle you get locked on battle charging , you can hear the other tank gun, but cant join the battle, same problem for me and other two friends

    • Rupert Jenkins

      same problems for me

  • John Smithy

    noscroll, spotted lite, directionbox, safeshot/deadshot do not work. also my crew voice alerts specifically pertaining to target locked/unlocked are gone too. can you please look into these issues? not game-breaking but a bit bummed because these are some of the “core” components of this mod for me personally

  • Ivan Smiljanec

    s sad when used XVM a stack him at the end of the battle when it comes to the garage only be in settings XVM – and exclude this ends of the picture probably will not block more

  • John Smithy

    actually a lot of my crew voices are gone entirely, not sure if related to this mod. I have some of milkyman’s skins installed as well

  • Rupert Jenkins

    I’ve had to uninstal modpack 9.15 game is crashing a lot during battle loading screen and occassionally ingame! I uninstalled WOT entirely. Reloaded everything same issue, uninstalled you modpack and everything is fine. I’ve used you for over a year and love your mods but going to have to wait for an update!

    • Davoda1

      For me when i install it over a bit of time (few hours or days) all of the gun soulds are gone and i have to re-install the game. Im using this modpack now for a half a year and never had this problem only with an older modpack. Whyat about you have you ever seen it? (well hear it xD)

    • bingo

      i have had the same issue with crashes in the battle load screen.

  • Trevor Stewart

    I was having the crashing issue. I deleted the appdataroamingwargaming directory, did a clean install of the game and mod pack and all is well… with the exception of the minor bugs mentioned here… But no more crashes!!

  • Paul Kawaja

    when are tank icons going to be fixed 🙁 vanilla icons suck

  • imBalanced

    Half of features are not working…
    Once I start tanks MOD works…
    Next time, its almost like default game…
    You really need to update this, cause I would rather use no MOD then this version.

  • Davoda1

    Bug Report: After installing the modpack i lose all of the sounds in the game. Im using this modpack now for a half a year but this never hapened. (after many re-installs mods+game)

  • Jody Wade

    any word on update

  • Cam Shaft

    serious no update ?

  • Sami Rintamäki

    anybody else have an issue with autoaim shooting to ground when moving?

  • Damir Grbac

    Try this:


    All you have to do is go to the website http://www.modxvm.com/, and login via the WoT website. Once you’ve done that, go to settings, and uncheck the box that says ‘XQMP (exchange data with allies)’

    You should also uncheck the setting ‘Contacts comments and groups’ because every time you open the friends list your client will freeze and it gives you an error.

  • Cam Shaft

    any update ?

  • Andrew Taylor

    mini map has issues with 4k display, hit Ctrl and it zooms up and disappear once you let it of ctrl… didnt install zoom mini map option ether,

  • a needy player

    dude i ve to use Aslains as replacement and u know what? that suck…plz plz plz update it…….

  • mangiran

    I had to uninstall this modpack. The next time the XVM does not work.

  • Richard Evans

    Lost the XVM WN8 ratings in the pop up menu with Thursday’s micro patches.
    Also get Message Error/Lag when clicking on Friend lists and the Daily/Reset/Running total button.
    Something’s not meshing there.