[9.15.1] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 6

Update 6 for Solo’s ModPack Installer : World of Tanks


  • the usual stuff

Important Note:

Disable XMQP else you will get stuck on loading into the battle (This is experimental feature from XVM that has yet to be polished )


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  • John Millard

    fixed the safeshot preventing players from shooting?

    • Solo


  • Pakos

    thx solo.

  • Salih Nişancı

    why :((

  • Дарко Самарџић

    Again this… WHY??

  • 8lyn

    I cant download, getting Database Error or

    Resource Limit Is Reached Message

    • Kamil Markowski

      try again ,for me this work

  • Tomos-rider


  • Ty Gibbs

    People, learn to read the fucking patch notes, jesus christ:

    Version 9.15.1 slightly differs from the World of Tanks updates
    players are used to: the importance of the technical part of this patch
    prevails over the game content visible to players. The most important
    technical feature will be the transferring of the game’s battle
    interface to the latest version of the ActionScript 3.0 programming
    language. In this article, we will explain the purpose of this change,
    what the advantages of ActionScript 3.0 are, and how to avoid any
    inconveniences after the update’s release.

    Why do we need the new version of ActionScript 3.0

    ActionScript 2.0 was used for interface-development solutions at the
    time of the game’s release. In 2015, the World of Tanks Garage was
    transferred to ActionScript 3.0, and with Version 9.15.1, the game’s
    battle interface will be fully transferred into this new version. In
    general, after transferring to the new platform, the performance of the
    client in version 9.15.1 will remain the same or will slightly improve.
    However, transferring to ActionScript 3.0 provides new opportunities to
    optimise the game client. Also, the process of creating modifications
    will be more convenient, as there will be more opportunities for mod
    makers to use AutoDesk Scaleform.

    Game client performance modifications

    When developing a new platform for the battle interface, Wargaming
    worked closely with the most popular mod makers. Thanks to the work done
    previously, we were able to significantly reduce the performance risks
    of third-party client modifications.

    Important! It is not recommended to
    install mods from a previous version of World of Tanks, or move mods
    from a previous version to the 9.15.1 folder, as it may lead to the game
    being unstable.

    Despite close cooperation between the World of Tanks development team
    and mod makers, unfortunately some modifications may potentially be
    unavailable for some time, as their installation might lead to technical
    problems. For this reason, it is not recommended to install the
    following mods to the game client:


    All components


    Deluxe damage panel (custom damage panel)

    Chat with message history

    Tank icons

    Problem using modifications

    There are many players who play using different client modifications.
    We remind you that these modifications are not created by Wargaming,
    but by third-party developers and users. So, with the release of
    official World of Tanks updates, issues can occur with your game client
    due to these modified files: things such as decreased game performance,
    freezes, crashes, missing textures and other problems. In most cases,
    such problems are solved by deleting the game modification – however,
    sometimes a complete clean reinstall of the game is needed.

    • Cranium

      Wish they’d make an action script to insta ban all those using cheat mods. That would be nice.

      • Ty Gibbs

        WG would first have to make a concrete list of cheat mods that would be banned. And they haven’t done so.

    • Rupert Jenkins

      so do I do a full clean install or uninstall all my Solo packs and start from fresh

  • Ty Gibbs

    From XVM forums:

    In a nutshell: A lot of work need to be done to adapt XVM for new WoT
    9.15.1. We work hard and we’ll make all possible to release new XVM as
    soon as possible.

    As soon as it is ready, we’ll add it on downloads page of our official website. This is the one place where you can get newest official stable builds of XVM.

    Thanks for your patience and have a nice day.

    • CCGomez

      Ty..thanks to you all! Some of us will wait patiently because you know…..it was stated that this patch was gonna change a fewwwww things 🙂 Don’t sweat it..and don’t get angry at the stupid people that have no clue on whats going on 07

    • Joe Vancil

      A quick question, Ty – what’s the best way to learn how to write mods? I’d love to help, although my programming skills are a few years (20 or so) out-of-date. Are there any good tutorials or such that you can recommend?

  • John Millard

    i dont enable xvm i think its stupid ppl rely on statistics and give up before the game starts, i just like UI parts of the pack, the grayed out parts

    • Ben

      so maybe enable xvm and don’t give up before the game starts then? why base your choice on what the common idiot wot player will do lol

  • Chinge Khanova

    Installer crashes every time I select any item in submenu of ‘damagelog by gambiter’. I et nice preview pictures but if I click there – installer freezes. I am using Win 10 on a laptop.

    • Ty Gibbs

      Same. Just don’t select it.

  • wilwoods

    A couple of things I have noticed.
    1) T no longer tracks for arty but says “attack”
    2) I have t he old style recticule there regardless of what sights I use
    3) auto aim sometimes engages sometimes not
    4) chat no longer works
    5) also I am not sure if its part of xvm but the old damage counters identifying who had hit me (everyone) and what damage I had done, kills etc, no longer appear

    and Solo thanks for all your hard work!

    • Rupert Jenkins

      think it’s just gremlins give it a couple of days, I’m spending my time in lights spotting and learning the changes in the maps

  • jdub15

    Thanks as always Solo.

  • Marinehunter24

    XVM is disabled at the mo? Not giving me the option to reinstall it with the rest of the pack.

  • Casius2

    Jeeze guys give him a break

  • Rupert Jenkins

    Your mod pack is legend but I’ll reinstall this in a couple of days, when the gremlins have worked their way through! Can’t choose any options at the moment. Don’t rush these things buddy, we will always wait for the best of the best. Keep up the awesome work

  • earthman34


  • Kamil Markowski

    Why many option in installer are grey??

  • James Dantea

    no funcionan