[9.15.1] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 5

Update 5 for Solo’s ModPack Installer : World of Tanks


  • the usual stuff

Important Note:

Disable XMQP else you will get stuck on loading into the battle (This is experimental feature from XVM that has yet to be polished )


Dropbox referral link https://db.tt/Tx9B6ud

[wpdm_package id=’339′]

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  • Deus Victim

    get stuck on loading into the battle, i disable XMQP;

  • Tomos-rider

    Fix it!

    • wow Solo provides you a free tool that’s awesome and you’re that rude? be patient and in the mean time get a clue man

      • HackDown

        Why releasing untested mod?

        • it’s a collection of mods, solo is just releasing a package manager to provide one UI that allows a download of selected mods. when the developer has updated their mods that’s when solo makes them available in the solomod. at least that’s how i understand it being a developer myself.

    • Pakos

      Calm down man. be patient. Can u fix it faster?

  • Deus Victim

    ok; now work but no damage panel and wn8 in the battle;

  • David Austin

    Great XVM Mods buddy.. keep up the good work 🙂 10/10

  • Peter Compeau

    Going to wait for full update

  • Nikola Brkljac

    xvm do not work please update mod.

  • HackDown

    yep, xvm is disable in setup

  • Bob

    I can’t shoot 🙁

    • zarac

      I think this is due to “safe shot” mod. Try not installing and report.

  • Jd H

    installed this and can not shoot. Uninstalled, and everythings fine. Thanks for your work Soloviyko, but i think i rather wait, coz it was a really unpleasent surprise, f2f with a heavy with no firepower:)

  • Mauno Lurbe

    Same problem with shooting. Had one silly game just driving around ;(

    • jose m amengual

      me too. plus my Mutz crew is gone.

  • Solo

    Make sure none of the grayed out items are selected.
    Grayed means NOT updated yet, be patient.
    I’m working on fixes

    • 7lym

      Another problem is the auto-equip mod, it doesn`t work:)

  • Solo

    Shooting disabled was due to faulty SafeShot mod, I reuploded the fixed version.

    • 7lym

      Thanks, fix works!:)

    • Stanko Boras

      when you will fix xvm and crosshairs
      and other stuff?

    • José C Correia

      when do you expect the problems to be fixed…thanks

  • Stanko Boras

    this was my best mod for wot
    after whole day waiting for new mod i give up
    whats with this grey zone

    and when i click down setup freeze

    i will find some new mod and think other people will too

    • Brayden Fleming

      all day XD it only came out not even a day ago calm down holy crap

  • Feorhhyrde

    Setup freezes when I get to the damage panels, the base capture bar lays over the team HP options in game.

  • José C Correia

    This is the best mod for wot…it has all you need and easy to install….no need to try others…keep up the good work.

    Is it fixed now, Solo ????

  • Jason Coss

    This is the best mod ever,keep up the good work buddy

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