[] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 4

Update 4 for Solo’s ModPack Installer : World of Tanks


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Important Note:

Disable XMQP else you will get stuck on loading into the battle (This is experimental feature from XVM that has yet to be polished )


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[wpdm_package id=’327′]

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  • zarac

    Some mods are incorrectly installed into folder instead of

    • p14b

      Yes but their duplicates, so i’m assuming it wont matter. as all the 15.1 files are included in the 15.0.1. folder anyway. (going of the mods i’v installed that is!!!)

    • Solo is folder for next patch and includes Update announcer so when the patch hits you’d know when I post the update.

  • Mikael Galindo

    Take it off now. its the same

    • Solo

      what is?

  • Matthew Paluch

    suddenly (well as of .3, downloading .4 now) i have SafeShot on and yet i have never installed this nor is it selected on the install menu. any idea what is installing safeshot against my will?

    • Matthew Paluch

      to be clear, i do not mean it is putting stuff in chat. i mean it will not let me fire a shell.

      • Drew

        You mean, you can no longer team kill another player.

        • Matthew Paluch

          I found the error. Its in
          open mod_autoaim_indicator.json and replace true with false line 53
          “addon-ally_shot_blocker”: false,

          Its more than teamkilling. you cannot fire thru friendly gun barrels so allies often block any legit shots. also it prevents you from firing when autoaim disengages (say your locked target dies) for about a sec.

          anything that means my gun doesnt fire when i click fire is bad

  • 7lym

    no bugs spotted so far !! 🙂 great work

  • Satanam Daemonicis

    As always, great update. No glitches or crashes yet. I wish I could donate but since my credit card can’t be used outside Brazil all I can do is say thank you for the work you’ve been doing.

  • Nathan Bringgold

    Degree’s Sights do not work properly. It does not show the aiming circle

  • Sir British

    Hello Solo, I really like your Mod-Pack, it’s not so cluttered as others and I feel it has everything you might need, however, I have noticed that on some mod-packs the actual Recticle can be used as a penetration monitor, for exapmple it goes from red -> orange -> green depending on the chance to penetarte, any chance of you adding this with the minimal sights?

  • Mikael Galindo

    Hello there. Can you fix that one can see which country they come in from? When you press the TAB

  • John Millard

    hudge bug, cant shoot in arty lol

  • Jking369

    Solo is coming soon