[] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 3

Update 3 for Solo’s ModPack Installer : World of Tanks


  • A lot almost every mod has been touched. (100% of mod scripts are now migrated to new directory  scripts/client/gui/mods as required by WG devs)

Important Note:

Disable XMQP else you will get stuck on loading into the battle (This is experimental feature from XVM that has yet to be polished )


Dropbox referral link https://db.tt/Tx9B6ud

[wpdm_package id=’300′]

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  • Satanam Daemonicis

    Haven’t experienced any glitches yet. Thanks for the update!

    • Solo

      Thank you sir. Judging that Update has been downloaded by quite a large number of people already, and before yours, there was absolutely zero comments in here, or both of the forums. I’m assuming that it’s running fine. I guess it’s rare nowadays to comment on things that work, only when they don’t….

      • Helt Utrolig

        I get no end of battle report. EU server. Solo’s modpack is my only mod.

        I also get this message: PMOD-Solo. Session Statistics. To see Statistics play at least one game! (This came after my first game after updating to Update 3.)

      • Warhorse01

        You are correct sir and 99% of the time your mods run flawlessly for me. This is the 2nd time I have ever had a issue with them.

  • Özgün Koluaçık

    GJ dude!

  • macca01

    thanks for all the work you do solo, have used your mod for a long time now, keep up the good work. the only problem i have, when i enter the mod config in WOT and try to preview a sound it doesnt do anything. no sound plays

  • Ardell Kumbar Daulin

    why does the game need 0.9.15 instead of the that the modpack installs? i can’t start the game without 0.9.15 and if i rename it the game crashes. any way to enable it to use the folder?

    • James McGill

      im getting same issue?? except mine doesnt crash just carousel is missing and all menu gui is not working i have to alt f4 to exit game.

      “edit” getting the same problem with latest OMC mod pack.

    • James McGill

      im getting same issue?? except mine doesnt crash just carousel is missing and all menu gui is not working i have to alt f4 to exit game.

      “edit” getting the same problem with latest OMC mod pack.

      “edit” Ardell are you on SEA server, I am. I did some digging… sounds like the SEA servers haven’t had the micro update for soccer yet. its due on Tuesday. hopefully everything will work then. in the mean time use update 1.

      • Ardell Kumbar Daulin

        ahh so thats the case. Understood. Yeah, thats what happened. GUI disappears and you cant do pretty much anything. Pitiful SEA servers haha. Just have to wait for the update I guess. Thanks for the reply m8. 😀

  • Binestar

    I’m having issues with the end of battle reports with this version of the modpack. Has anyone else seen that?

  • KomodoDagger

    This update has so many bugs. To name them: Arty mod “button G” doesn’t work – when you hold control, you cannot click to where you need to be on the map for arty, cannot “press attacking target” key, and I’m missing gun sight markers for arty (very useful, if I had them), If I come across more, I’ll update, but this isn’t the best “update” to the solo’s mod.

    • KomodoDagger

      oh and Esc key no longer closes dialog boxes.

  • voss99

    All seems to be working well. Thanks Solo!

  • codepriest

    Thanks Solo, all works perfect since last update!! Last update was a bit wonky for me, but this one is amazing!

  • Karthus Counters Noone

    Well, I’ve been writing my problem with every new update you put out, I’ve searched the net, and didn’t find anything, I’m asking for one last time before I give up and probably reinstall the game(problem, I live in a dorm with wonky net which gets max. 3Mbit/s, and often disconnects at night) So, if I install Z-Mod, I don’t have an aiming circle, yet using no crosshair mod, or Jimbo’s for example works, can you look into that? Is it only on my end? Can I do anything to resolve it, you have any idea about what could be the problem?

  • codepriest

    found another issue, after getting lit and you extinguish the fire, I can no longer shoot. And the Fire signal alarm keeps beeping. Don’t have that without any mods enabled.

  • Facelifted

    In-game info says that there is 4th update available, still i see only 3rd here. And Invites. They wont come from training rooms and strongholds.

    • Drew

      In game it will tell you that ‘there is no update 4’

      • Facelifted

        Yeah, but not 8th days ago ;).

  • Ivan Smiljanec

    Why tells me 9.15.4 available and there is not

    • db81

      same thing here…

    • Yep, the same.

    • Drew

      Well, if you read what it says it tells you “there is no update 4, this is simply a fucking annoying spammy pop-up that won’t go away no matter how many times you press ignore.

  • p14b

    must be a mixup as this is same as before mod pack, not 4, wonder if the [Mod-Day] MultiHitLog is seen as a new update. sure solo will sort it out.

  • Ivan Leo

    need to add spotting calculator

  • avogatro

    The dark agent icon set is not updated.
    I use “Tank Icon Maker” to generate all my icons from the game dynamically. I really like it.

  • H00ligun

    Read the news: It states no Update 4

  • H00ligun

    Solo Thanks again for a superb addition to the game. You sir are a star…

  • Catalin

    WTF…where is the update 4?

  • Catalin

    Hi there. First, ty for this grate mod.
    Tehe question: When will you make a new update? There is a little bug, is dosent sow mw all the time the stats for all tanks.

  • Jeremiah Cole

    what mod causes clan emblems to not show up on tanks?

  • Jeremiah Cole

    any idea why the clan markings on tanks no longer show up when this pack is installed?

  • Facelifted

    Still missing invites from strongholds and training rooms. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Nightmare0707

    Why always show this

    install SoloModPack_v0. and always this message

  • Kiel Powell

    the next update coming soon @SoloAdmin:disqus

  • Warhorse01

    I have been trying to figure out why your mod pack doesn’t work for me. I am to the point I will have to play without them. I have tried renaming the res mod folder to 9.15 and that has not helped. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have done a clean install each time and that has not helped.