• DrPhilpt

    I couldn´t accept or invite for platoon during battles. Is that issue solved? Many thanks for your work SOLO!

    • Solo

      That I didn’t test, I rarely play in toons

  • Kiel Powell

    whens the sixth since different voice mods coming back?

    • Solo

      Next Update

      • Kiel Powell

        okay thanks 😀

  • chosenfrozen

    after last update I can no purchase any vehicles. Yes they are researched and credits are available.
    The buttons at the bottom of the purchase screen, purchase or cancel are blank, the appear to activate when clicked but there is no action. Any ideasÉ

    • Gone_Hunting

      That is an XVM glitch, you need to update to the latest version of XVM to fix that.

    • Livin_Target

      I had the same .. if it’s still troubling you start the game n safe mode .. make your purchase and restart .. all is good .. 🙂

  • Dan Murphy

    Keep up the good work Solo. Hope the Direction box issue is fixed too. was getting weird having loads of pink arrows pointing everywhere

  • Hrvoje Rozic

    Guys i rly hope you get enugh space on dropbox for all this updates ;), btw seems like dmg hitlog is making my game load for extra 30sec-1min sometimes not even entering :/
    and one fo the mods that show tank icon,name and tier is stacking in game its like plate with all that and under it says the same… disabling ingame wot options about that does not help

  • Hrvoje Rozic

    alo trying to downlod this it just says network_error ? is it server side or me ?

    • Luka Zlomislić

      Ja sam bez problema skinuo. Nezz kako tebi nece

  • KorBaLin

    And still the Tank-Buy-Bug…….
    The Way over Start the Game in Savemode works…. but i take the Time and save money till it´s gone 😉

  • KorBaLin

    And Working Crew-Voices and Gui-Sounds u can get here… in German 😉
    But i think u have many German Guys who use ur Amazing Pack 🙂 🙂

  • Marc

    i miss the info about the win ore lose in game of the last game session can it come back please

  • Dan

    I have a bug where with any crosshair mods my aiming circle disappears. I reported in your bug reporting area. I do a clean install each time? Any ideas… I get the crosshairs just no aiming circle,

  • Snugpeach

    I cannot purchase a new tank from the tech tree in WOT. The pop up window pops up with the crew options. The tabs at the bottom of window that are supposed say purchase or cancel are blank and when I click them nothing happens. WG says it is a problem with the mods and that I should uninstall mods completely

    • Austin Kerr

      It is a problem with mods. I erased everything out of my res_mods folder, made a new 0.9.14 folder, bought my KV-3 and am now reinstalling my mods. I’m sure it will be fixed eventually, but as of right now that is all you can do.

  • Jeff Detmer

    The MultiHitLog (in game win8 counter) keeps move over on top over the game clock (I can not see time remaining in the game). Anyone have a fix?

    • DrPhilpt

      same problem here…

  • Farley Malorrus

    Same with me NO YELLOW AIMING CIRCLE it sucks bro. FIX IT.

    • Attila Kolkert

      Just copy all the files in World of tanks –> Res_mods –> 0.9.14 To World of tanks –> Res_mods –>

      If u do this it will work for now

  • StuInTokyo

    Looks like another micro patch from WG, so the mod pack does not work again?

    • Attila Kolkert

      Just copy all the files in World of tanks –> Res_mods –> 0.9.14 To World of tanks –> Res_mods –>

  • Dean Poinsett

    New patch jacked everything up.

  • Robert Lazo

    no joy!

  • RunningBiscuit

    Hey guys, if you cut all your files/folders from World_of_Tanksres_mods.9.14 to World_of_Tanksres_mods.9.14.1 most of them should work, I’m just getting some UI issues. I can’t right click a person after battle, and platoon/stronk invites are very general (doesn’t say who or what it’s for) but, it is way easier to play since I know when I’m taking damage.