• Tomislav Valjak

    completly reinstall the game?

  • Chibbo

    this update brakes the game exactly like the previous so i really se no point in redownloading…

  • KorBaLin

    works fine by me…. only thing on some maps i have a red flickering square in my sight 🙂

  • Chibbo

    works fine to me also but frome time to time i have lag that doesn’t happen without mods and also when I alt tab from game to browser, when I return to game the gpu gets stuck in power saving mode resulting in very low fps, killing the browser fixes this issue but that’s not really the solution is it, might be xvm related

  • HolyCOW

    Clean install, Minimap option is cleared (no minimap, not even the CTRL option is enabled)
    However the in-game minimap is overwritten, losing all 9.14 options.

    The most important missinf is draw distance, in all minimap mods offered draw distance is square and not working.
    9.14 without mods shows all 3 distances properly.

    How can I force SoloModpack to NOT overwrite the in-game minimap?


    • Ghiblen

      Open minimap file with notpad then find and change

      “useStandardCircles”: false, to “useStandardCircles”: true,

      “useStandardLabels”: false, to “useStandardLabels”: true,

      “useStandardLines”: false, to “useStandardLines”: true,
      and done

      • HolyCOW

        Thank you, that fixed it 🙂

        Now I can go back to drifting on my TOG… (at least until they enable hard brake on the T95)

      • Jeff Detmer

        When change to code above my three row tank carousle goes away. Why or how changing minimap file messes with the carousle I have no ideal.

  • Chain Warrior

    could you add a mod that tells you which of your enemys have been spotted, are spotted and not spotted yet?

  • Talon

    How do you change the battle assist key to a different one?

    • FB Dairy Farmer

      its easier to reassign the battle chat key to a key other than G

      • Talon

        I use the mouse wheel button for teamspeak push to talk. This changes to battle assist view in game. If u can assign a diff key it might prevent that. I havent seen an option in game to change battle assist key. Can this be done by editing a file?

  • julius

    ENEMY SPOTTED + MINIPAP “dots” if you missing this simply go to C/windows/fonts and DELETE a XVM files there.

  • Satanam Daemonicis

    First crash today after something like 25 battles after installing the 9.14.1 modpack. Had to restart Windows 10. But it didn’t crash before with the 9.14.0 one.

  • custo

    stil the direction mod is showing dead tanks alive
    and what do the purple mean ???

  • Ty Gibbs

    Crew xp mod doesn’t seem to be working.

    • Martel the Hammer

      I’m having the same problem. Have you managed to fix yours?

      • Ty Gibbs

        I haven’t looked on the internet for a working one yet so it won’t get fixed unless Solo updates the modpack with it. 🙁

    • zarac

      You should manually move the files from “0.9.13” folder into “0.9.14”. The installer puts them in the wrong place.

      • Ty Gibbs

        Which files are they going to be so I don’t break the rest of the mods?

        • zarac

          You should first delete all the contents of res_mods folder prior to starting solo’s installer. Then, just to be sure, select “clean install”, select your mods and finish the installation.

          After the installation, there should be no “0.9.13” folder in res_mods, but actually there is one, and that is the bug in solo’s installer. So, feel free to move the entire contents of 0.9.13 into 0.9.14, preserving the directory structure.

  • zarac

    Solo, some files are still installed into “0.9.13” folder, just like in Update 0.

  • Daniel Jin

    I’m having a problem with my xvm. I tried every xvm for in-game stats, but it shows the Personal rating instead of WN8. Can someone help me where to find the file to configure it?

    • 7lym

      you must log in the xvm website. from the upper right menu where you usually activate services, there is an option called Settings. click on that, a menu will appear. from menu, you must select WN8 at the “rating” section (you should have now WGR selected -> war gaming rating)

      • Daniel Jin

        Thank you. 🙂

  • Warwolf 1

    hi guys, excellent work but there is something i dont like, the WN8 multi hit log live! now just show the wn8 and not like it was beafore. we do like the old style where we can see the dmg done, the wn8 live and how much dmg do i have to do. ” Example: 0 Dmg – 875 Dmg WN8 0. Please Response i want to change that and i dont want to leave your mod

  • i love WOT

    error 3D icons and directionBox. And a more errors

  • Stallheim Stormforge

    after a battle the 2 row carousel is gone. Also all icons on red side have backwards lettering. (I have tried checking and unchecking mirror, and different icon styles.) mega zoom out doesn’t seem to work, not sure what I should be installing for that one.

  • Stallheim Stormforge

    I have clean installed solos 4 times trying different tweaks. Just noticed that hit log also disappears.

  • Jeff Detmer

    Hi Every One,

    Having a problem with the minimap:

    The draw range circle is not showing up. I am using in game minimap circles. I do not have any minimap check in the installer yet the max draw circle is not showing up. Is this a conflict with the mod? Anyone have a fix?



  • goran2505

    Tier 8 tanks don’t show statistics when go over with mouse. Why? Thanks..I mean data about tank, price, exp, etc..

  • Alan Tibbetts

    From the comments there are several problems with 9.14.1 so I;ll keep 9.14.0 until I hear differently.

  • DrPhilpt

    Cant accept or invite for platoon ingame… any ideas? And yes i have the option ingame enabled to accept platoon invites. Thx in advance

  • JP Jacinto

    hello all Solo’s modpack users.

    Some players apear with a code Demon2597.. anyone knows why?


  • Alina

    the direction box doesn’t work! it shows even when enemy tanks are already dead. fix it please

  • David

    Some of the problems stem from the previous version of solo. Unintall the previous mod version and clean install new one

  • Chibbo

    will this get fixed or should we just move on?

  • Miloš Savanović

    Directin box is shit now 🙁

  • lichno

    wenn i have your mod my skill Eagle Eye perk dont work

  • Catalin

    Hey, thx for this grate mod pack. when do we can download an update for 9.14?

  • Aortic

    Hello, I’ve been running solo’s for over a year. Today I researched the LTTB, when I went to purchase it the button to hit ACCEPT it greyed out and does nothing when I click it. After asking in General chat (i understand GC is not reliable) someone said its a bug with the mod pack. Any ideas?

    • trapsuutjies

      I had the same issue with another tank (T-150). Uninstalled mod pack, bought tank, and installed again. Probably the worst solution, but a solution – anyone with a better one please comment 🙂

    • Dan Murphy

      No need to uninstall. Just run the game in safe mode, (which will shut all mods off) buy the tank as normal, close game and then restart normally

    • Tobias Karl

      i have the same Problem

  • Ervin Ševtšuk

    Decent modpack, however, some features are still fuzzy for me. Oh and, i think i also missed the zoom-out mod since the list is WAY too long aswell as some features repeating oneself at some other lines. All-in-all, pretty good job there now i dont need to use Jove’s modpack since english modpacks are more appealing at my side =) Keep it up pal!

  • Livin_Target

    It would be nice if there was a way to open the installer to make changes to the installed mods without having to do a new install each time. Otherwise is really a complete set everything you could need .. Nice work