• Jarrett Rose

    Thank you

  • Jairo Cabrera

    finally.. thank you!!

  • CommonSense

    9.14.# all seem to have the same result for me and it won’t get past the installer screen, trying to download Border7z or icon.7z and eventually crashes. How can I fix this? ty

  • Krachas

    default zoom x2 and Solo*s minimalistic info panel is not working.

  • Yusuf D

    not working .s

  • Paweł Kachel

    działa tylko mam pytanie Dlaczego zmienia mi język z polskiego na angielski

  • Marc

    i miss the info about the win ore lose in game of the last game session can it come back please

    • Alcatraz117

      thats a modxvm.com option, just login and go to settings. at least thats the last thing i remember about it.

      • Marc

        Ok thank you gr

  • Gonzalodpg

    thank you 🙂

  • statib76


    I wanted to know what are the three colored circles, in “solo * s w / hp pannels”, and that WN8 scale uses solo Modpack

  • Satanam Daemonicis

    I’m not sure if it’s the modpack or the game update, but my client keeps closing all of a sudden. It doesn’t even show crash info or anything, it simply closes.

    • Satanam Daemonicis

      Just adding some information: sometimes it crashes and when I start the game again and try to login, it says “login expired” or something like that.

  • Karthus Counters Noone

    Z-Mod doesn’t show aiming circle

  • Jeff Wright

    when are you going to fix this mod after the the weekend’s patch

  • Simon Skrjanc

    My friend,please put sounds and voices options back into installer,best regards

  • Battleblood

    Does not work. crashes back to desktop

  • GiBBA

    Hi, great modpack, only issue I uncheck the minimap mod and still this one is installed and doesn’t show me the standard one from wot witch actually I like more.

  • Matthew Paluch

    they are fairly rare but i get crashes when clicking on tanks in demons carosel about once every 2-3 hours. CTD. always when clicking on a tank in carosel

  • Kamil Markowski

    can you add lemon skins to you modpack?

  • Catalin

    Hey, this is the best mod pack, but i have a problem with this version… multi hitlog dosen`t work. sow can i fix it? Thanks.

  • Catalin

    i´m startig to be desgusted of this mod. to many bugs, multi hitlog dosen´t, and more…

  • Kenneth Shanks

    Best Mod pac going Thanks for all your hard work and time

  • Andreas Rösner

    Great modpack but cant get spotted markers to work. What do I have to change?