• Taiyou Sora Terl

    Thx,I follow you away.

  • Pakos

    thank you!

  • Bikerbob

    Thank you.. looking forward to getting this updated 🙂

  • Bikerbob

    does centre ctrl zoom work now on the minimap???

  • Bravefart

    Hey Solo- A few of my clan mates (Not all) noticed that we couldn’t post in chat after updating- Anyone else have this issue? It could be select mods out of the pack.

  • Jetskyer

    Recently my tanks seem to use up my repairkits automatically when they’re tracked. I can’t find out if it’s a mod or something else causing it. Anyone seen this problem too?

  • Karthus Counters Noone

    Well, when I install the modpack, game doesn’t even start properly. It just stops responding, doesn’t even get as far as the loading screen..

  • Reto Gloor

    Hey… is there a dynamic enemy reload time in solos? Where i can see how long till the enemy can fire again? thx!

    • Matthew Paluch

      Damage Panel by GambitER is in there and does that

  • Battleblood

    Hey Solo. When the new 9.14 modpack? Hope not too long.