• David Cooper

    Thx for what you do Solo . . . hope the finals went well a couple weeks back and that you can enjoy some downtime for the holidays !!

  • LeCheff

    Good work Solo. Yes you need to have life, work and fun in balance, no pressure them hey, just get the updates out when you can.

  • James Hollingsworth

    Man, I’ve tried several different mods since I started playing and by far yours is the best I’ve used. Keep up the excellent work. Regards DoW_Bulldozer

  • Steve Bradford

    Love this modpack…good work 🙂

  • Jakub Płachta

    Great work bro! I’m installing it now and hope crew voices are back when using Gnomefather’s 😉 Untill now, they were, how to put it… dead silent 😉 Anyway, best custom and configurable mod pack ever 🙂 But don’t feel any pressure! Just work with fun and have fun from work! Best wishes from Poland!

  • Bravefart

    Always come back to Solos- the cleanest, most comprehensive mods that always work- 07 Solo !!

  • Blaze Animosus

    Thanks Solo! Stilll getting random crashes, not sure of the cause im so out of the loop. Installing without xvm doesn’t fix but hope it will eventually.

  • Cam Shaft

    Installed it and now the game is unplayable, game crashes on a regular basis on load up and in game.
    haveing to uninstall this version and go back to last one. ..

  • wilwoods

    Solo you OK? Don’t care about the mod pack but you have been working pretty hard on this and school and now you have gone dark.. Hope all is well

  • HolyCOW

    After applying the modpack, my map has lost the “last spot location”.

    I can see the enemy tank name, (e.g.: ‘e-100’) but the exact spot/dot is missing.

    If I enable the “expanded minimap features” I can see the dot, but the tank names are duplicated now and get in the way.

    This used to work properly on previous versions of the mod pack. I tried Solo’s map, default and other one (with the fugly icons) and all present the same issue.

    Any idea what might be wrong?

    • HolyCOW

      Ok after modifying my google search found a solution:
      Go to the windows fonts folder (C:WindowsFonts ) and delete both XVM… fonts.

      last spotted location Icons are back now.

  • zoran1 croatia

    back to the sixth sense sounds that we can choose a new update .. thanks greetings from Croatian