• Rewinding Wayfarer

    Cheers for upload, i don’t use alot of things in here but the few ones i do are great to have in one pack!

  • Peter

    Much appreciated

  • izikulu

    Thank you Solo!

  • sahith

    thanks waiting for this 🙂

  • Petr Speedy

    These pack is unbelieveable. Thanks Solo. But
    something was wrong for me. The game was run, but can’t enter the battlefield.

  • Savejais

    AAooooh sweeet mary jesus this is heaven! i am touching myself ! 😀 thnx solo.

  • Dimitar Endzhov

    God bless you!

  • Joseph Pianta

    Thanx so much, hope final went awesome! Merry Christmas & have a Happy New Year!

    Now to click the d/l button 🙂

  • Gruntrunner

    thank you for the update. This is a great mod

  • earthman34

    Is there a changelog for this?. 9.12 seems to be working fine for me, any reason to update to this?

  • Hans Chr. Skade

    GREAT WORK… LOVE this mod…its the best

  • Lipsy Smrad

    your modpack is buggy and buggy every time more and more… we all have life but if you dont have time then dont do it instead you launch bugg crap… I really love this mod but i have no more patience for ur mistakes… bye

    • I_Am_The_Great_Cornholio

      all hail King D-Bag!! no one wants to hear you complain bro.

    • TheObgyn

      Good riddance. Make your own mod pack? Oh wait you can’t? Then stop complaining and sift through all the other mod packs that are a gaggle of shit

  • Jeff Detmer

    Thanks for the update. Hey is there any way to modify the XVM code to turn on the spotted, unspotted, dead bulbs in the player panel?

    I see player on twitch using this feature and think it would be useful to my game play.

    Thanks again for a great mode pack!!!

    • Teorge MP

      You can edit it in config files. If I remember correctly it is playersPanel.xc for positioning and texts.xc for symbols.

      • Jeff Detmer

        Sorry I will need more detail than provide. Can you tell me step but step which files need to be modify and how?


        • Teorge MP

          open world of tanksres_modsconfigsxvm folder
          There is file xvm.xc. Open it in notepad and look for name of xvm config you are actually using.

          ${“@Default/@xvm.xc”:”.”} – for example, the config you are using dont have // at start of the line

          now open folder your config folder, from this example it is “Default”
          open texts.cx and there find block similar to this

          “spotted”: {
          “neverSeen”: “w”,
          “lost”: “n”,
          “revealed”: “Ġ”,
          “dead”: “N”
          “neverSeen_arty”: “w”,
          “lost_arty”: “n”,
          “revealed_arty”: “x”,
          “dead_arty”: “N”

          as you can see it is labeled “revealed”: font, font size, color (use f.e. <http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_colorpicker.asp for getting color hex modes" and what symbol should be shown.

          I use xvmsymbol font you can use for example word or charmap to see what icons it contains

          • Jeff Detmer

            The code in my tests.cx file looks like this:

            “spotted”: {
            “neverSeen”: “”,
            “lost”: “p”,
            “spotted”: “p”,
            “dead”: “v”,
            “neverSeen_arty”: “”,
            “lost_arty”: “p”,
            “spotted_arty”: “p”,
            “dead_arty”: “v”

          • Teorge MP

            Looks OK.

            Try to look at battle.xc is there is

            “allowSpottedStatus”: true,

          • Jeff Detmer

            this is the code in the battle file:

            // true – enable {{spotted}} macro in players panels and minimap. WARNING: performance expensive
            // true – включить макрос {{spotted}} в ушах и на миникарте. ВНИМАНИЕ: может понизить производительность
            “allowSpottedStatus”: true,

    • Solo

      they should be there already, what player panels config are you using.

      • Jeff Detmer

        I have nothing check for the player panels installer. The xvm.cx file has this as the last line of code: ${“default/@xvm.xc”:”.”}

      • Jeff Detmer

        I found the problem. Removed the two old XVM font files from the windows font folders. Now all working.

  • Nick Smith

    thank god your back…….have missed your mods…..

    • TheObgyn

      Agreed, the other mod packs are a gaggle of crap. The auto install packs are all so convoluted it takes 30 min just to make sure your not downloading something you don’t want. most of the time its load it anyway and hope you know which thing did what.

  • Michael Brenner

    Will YasenKrasen be updated? By the way, your session stats work but colored messages don’t work for me.

  • Kim Alexander Olsen

    Best mod ever, keep up the great work !!!!!

  • Gama 01

    yes 9.13 modpack update finally here! thank you so much Solo! This modpack has improved my game play!

  • Tonino Nikolatos

    1st of all,it’s good you have your mod back mate.Great help on my gameplay.
    I just want to discuss about 2 problems( bugs?) that i came across.
    For the record i want to point that i play the game in UHD 4K resolution.
    Problem A: As shown in the screenshot there’s the spot that my ”spotted icon” apears,well half of it i might say.
    Problem B: As shown in the screenshot,is there a way to change the font size of the hitlog?Letters are just so…tiny!!!
    This may be due to my 3840X2160 resolution,i know, but i thought it would be good to be mentioned as far as i believe,in my opinion these ”problems” seem to have to do something with the resolution.

    Everything else just works fine…
    Any help from you,or any other ”tankhead” feel free to express your opinions.

    • Solo

      as you noted it is due to 4K resolution, xvm is incapable of scaling(yet), 300pixels from left would move object in different location on 4K screen as compared to 1080p. solution is to manually change “x” parameters in hitlog.xc and playerpanels.xc files

      • Tonino Nikolatos

        Is it possible to please tell me the full path of these folders? Thanks a lot Solo in advance 🙂

        • Tonino Nikolatos

          I just found them.I opened with notepad but these aren’t similar to a non programer :P.Can you please just write what values to change to make the a bit larger?

    • Solo

      P.S. I noticed on that screenshot in 4K you getting 38FPS, why not run the game in 1080 or 2K, to get more FPS. this game isn’t even optimized for 4K as far as I know.

      • Tonino Nikolatos

        Just to say,thanks for answering to my ”problems”. I just bought this monitor so i may try it to play in less than 4k resolution.Maybe let’s say to 2K

  • Tonino Nikolatos

    Screenshot here…

  • Chivalryx

    Most of it works great. Thank you Solo!

    One Glitch. Anyone else noticing the “last known location” on minimap isn’t showing the icons? Just the tank names? Seems to be missing on the Solo, Jimbo, and Default xvm minimaps. Had the same problem with the 9.12 versions as well.

  • Chivalryx

    Most of it works great. Thank you Solo!

    One Glitch. Anyone else noticing the “last known location” on minimap isn’t showing the icons? Just the tank names? Seems to be missing on the Solo, Jimbo, and Default xvm minimaps. Had the same problem with the 9.12 versions as well…

  • I_Am_The_Great_Cornholio

    SOLO! Glad to see the mod pack up, and hope finals went well! That said, there is a bug….and a pretty big one. Since installing your mod pack, I get stuck on the battle loading screen and cannot go back. Only closing the client completely fixes the problem, and ROUGHNECKS gunsights show on the loading screen as well….HELP! *Screenshot attached!*

    • David Utidjian

      Cornholio: I have the exact same problem now. I first installed the modpack on Saturday morning and it worked fine all day and night. Then this morning it started screwing up exactly as you descibe (but I don’t use roughnecks gun sights so I don’t get that message.) I “fixed” it by completely removing the modpack (deleted the res_mods folder and all it’s contents.) I then had to recreate a res_mods and res_mods/0.9.13 folders for the game to work.

      So I am back to tanking but without any mods.

      I also posted a bug report. Someone else also posted a report in the bugs section.

      • iLittleNose

        same problem here… I have to reboot, and if I can get back into my system in time before the match finishes, then it all works fine.
        I’m going to try a few different options to see if I can find the culprit.
        Great Mod Packs by the way 🙂

        • iLittleNose

          not conclusive, but I seem to be running normally.
          I changed a few things, like :
          – “roughnecks” gunsights to “deegees” sights
          – mini map mods off,
          – loading screen tabs off
          – a couple of other things off too (sorry for not being scientific)
          hope it helps others a little

          • David Utidjian

            If you could post your log files in http://bug.soloviyko.com/index.php?do=details&task_id=45 it would be helpful. There is a note at the top of the page on which files to upload and where to find them. Thanks.

            ETA: Such information also helps solo to fix the problem.

  • Gracioso Pototono

    solo is the best pack mod! thankyou!

  • Scott

    is there a chance that the birds eye view will be coming back again. I know other mods have it but I don’t like using other mod packs other than yours. Hope your finals went well. Your work is much appreciated.

  • david s

    also on the map tundra I load in and the entire screen is black and all I can see are the other tanks and the spotted enemy tanks like you can see there whole tank and your still in game but all the terrain features are black as night and its like riding on darkness and you cant see anything but tanks and if you shoot you will hit the terrain features its so weird I don’t have a picture but ill take one next time it happens

  • david s

    also op mod pack man gj

  • david s

    this keeps happening and its only on this one map

  • david s

    restarting dosent even fix it also great mod pack man

  • frisbeeman_88

    Is anyone else having problems in arty with the flight time calculators? I know they were available a couple of packs ago. Just curious if they will be coming back

  • wilwoods

    Any one having issues with “safe shot” not working? I killed an e100 by mistake today

  • Bikerbob

    When I load all the normal mods I have run with solo’s for years, I get this after a few games. Artifacts on the explosions, fires, etc..
    Unload all mods, remove solos, no issues. I have not isolated what is the issue yet. but when I do I will post.

  • TankClash

    I’m getting connection could not be established when I try to install…