[9.12] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 2

Update 2 for Solo’s ModPack Installer : World of Tanks 0.9.12



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    omg thnx u are the BEST…

  • Rukk Idingme

    This fixed the tanks not being eyed/spotted, but now when I get killed it shows a weird longer line of code in html/code saying something along the lines of …Your tank was destroyed, but all garbled within code. Anything I’m doing wrong?

  • CapnCorky

    Would the change in starting sniper zoom change anything even if you don’t use it? After installing the update it doesn’t remember my last zoom and always resets to 2x, even though I don’t have it installed.

    • ATUGOS

      my sniper mode always reset x2 i cant fix that….

  • katakiller

    x2 in sniper restart is not fun

  • Chevalier Teutonique

    great mods, but the red and green dots on minimap for lost tanks have disappeared. wuld really appreciate if you could add them back in, or give instruction on the xc files to edit! Thanks !

  • Charaz

    How do i fix this? My screen is filled with minimap, and only disappear when i press “crtl”.

    And how do i change the size of the centered minimap?


  • Charaz

    How do I fix my minimap zoom (centered minimap when pressing ctrl button). Because it doesnt work, minimap won’t enlarge/zoom in the center. And, how to change the size of the zoomed minimap when enlarge.


  • Senzo_Tanaka

    big problems with zoom, every zoom is till 32x, but every zoom, and starting from 2x, nomather if you are take this option in setup or not, also problems with minimap……

  • Maulwurfsurfer

    Hey, i got a Problem with the minimap. I got some huge symbols on it for the tanks… but i can’t get it off… can someone help me?
    I only want the spot where the tanks are and the name of the tank.

    Thank u so much!

    • yq78

      Ive the same problem

  • TheQuagmire

    Can you like upload this on google drive? the download speeds on your portal are just.. real real slow.

  • Patrick De Laet

    when u could fix the zoom out feature, please?? thnks

  • Skarkien

    No minimalistic hangar 🙁

  • MBP

    Thanks for updating the mod pack so quickly solo, you’re always on point. A friendly heads up, one of the problems i found:

    1. Using solos multi line tank carousel, 3 rows selected. Only 2 rows show up in garage. First time this has happened. I will try a few things and see if i can get it straightened out.

    Keep up the great work, and if logs or anything is needed please let me know.

  • Pantsergenist_NL

    Thank you very much for your quick and good work!
    I’ve the same zoom problem, always starting at x2… Rest works fine as always!

  • Ray

    Where is no zoom save?

  • Sepsi Jozsef

    same problem…starting zoom x2 save it at higher zoom

  • Stefan Eugen

    in Stalingrad map i cant see nothing

  • Pakos

    Thanks for the mod is great! Just a question, there is no zoom out mod?

  • Stefan Eugen

    in harkov i dont see

  • Stefan Eugen

    any solution? i reinstal wot.i reinstal solo and the same problem.

  • dawgtag

    Working great,just mis the overall view,you know the one you can look over the map in 3th view

  • marioak

    Please translate mods into Polish
    Please translate mods into Polish

    • woj2012

      Wow. If anyone wants, I can do that 🙂

  • Pantsergenist_NL

    Solution zoom mod:

    If you want change sniper zoom starting, go here:

    Wot -> res_mods -> 0.9.12 -> scripts -> client -> GUI -> mods -> mod_pmod

    Open this file :


    Change this line:


    If you have 2, change to 10 or more if you prefer.

    Works for me 🙂

    • rugar89

      Works perfect! Thanks!

      • Pantsergenist_NL

        You’re welcome!

    • Alex TM©

      For those who don’t want a fixed sniper zoom value (entering in sniper mode with the previous zoom) just disable the module (“enable” : false) 🙂

  • rugar89

    Starting zoom @ X2 every time you leave sniper mode is making this game a real pain to play. Not fun playing like this at all.

  • Rewinding Wayfarer

    Big issue for me, i only wish to use a few mods from this pack. But regardless of how little i install i keep getting colourblind in sniper mode? really annoying

  • YepYepYepYep_Yameso

    Micro patch installed today just caused huge drop of FPS. I have low graphic settings and i had 60fps. after patch i have 20 fps… Can be solved by some update of tweaker or anything?

  • John Smithy

    some of the mods still don’t work, tanking calculator is greyed out and freecam for replays and safeshot don’t work even though installed. and the center map on ctrl only increases slightly and doesn’t center. could you please fix when you have time? thanks!

  • Trevor Stewart

    Will there be an update 3 coming any time soon? I really miss the replay/video manager!

    • willwildy

      For now just copy all of the files from the 9.12 folder and paste them into the 9.13 folder. If the game won’t load reinstall solo 9.12 without sound mods, also melty math gun sight doesn’t work so on the reinstall use roughnecks as it works fine.

      • Bob Legere

        Putting 9.12 mods into a 9.13 forder works fine except can not add camo or flags to any tanks, but will get by with that until 9.13 released….thanks for the tip.

  • Brandon Clark

    is there a reason why when I go into sniper mode, sometimes(about 75% of the time) the dang gun is aiming at the sky? and I have to drag the aim down? I find this happens most when Im doing a peekabo from the corner of the building…It puts me at a serious disadvantage.

    • woj2012

      Maybe you’re aiming in arcade mode so high, eg at building’s roof?

  • RotInPixels

    what happened to the wn8 per round option? as in the “avg dmg” and whatever?

    • RunningBiscuit

      Do you mean MultiHitLog? The one that shows up in upper right area and shows damage needed to hit avg WN8, and adjusts as your damage goes up? It’s still there and working (for me at least). It’s above Locastan’s HD Minimap and Damage indicator mods (below white dead tanks/ tracks)

  • woj2012

    To everyone that misses tank icon on minimap:
    Folder minimap.xc in wot folder > res_mods > configs > xvm > default.
    Change “tank icon transparency ” (something like that) from 100 to anything else, and it’s done 🙂

  • LeaveIT2 Beaver

    Is there a reload ( UP!!!) sound available?

  • MoLo

    Any news for the new update? please keep the good work you have be doing.

  • jon hudak

    Solo, do you have an estimated time frame on a 9.13 update? Thanks for all your hard work

  • Mike Buchkovsky

    $5 donated – thanks for your work

  • I_Am_The_Great_Cornholio

    Love your mod pack solo! I have used pretty much every other mod pack still currently available (and some that aren’t) and yours is by far the best! I have a suggestion for die-hard users of your product, like myself….could you put together some sort of email or text blast system that alerts when a new pack is available? I know you update things as you go, but the INITIAL availability of a pack after a new World of Tanks patch would make it so much easier instead of having to come back to the site (I am impatient and have been doing this every couple hours! lol). For example, an email/text blast is sent out when you release your version of your pack for World of Tanks 9.13, and users may choose to receive another alert once you have updated it further? Just a thought….thoughts?

  • Gama 01

    Hey Solo are you going to make a 9.13 mod pack because i love your mod packs and its hard to play WoT without them.

  • Karthus Counters Noone

    9.13 pretty please

  • Savejais

    Where is the 9.13 update!? i need it! cant play without this awesome mod pac! its like masturbating with sand paper!

  • Mopar_Magnum

    i cant open wot… it keeps telling me that “resorse path does not exist ./res_mods/0.9.13”

  • MBP

    Solo is finishing up finals this week and said Look for 9.13 to be finished sometime around Saturday. The forums are on the top of the website. Be sure to check them out for additional information. Real life comes first and unfortunately the patch release came when it did, but we know solo will have it as soon as possible.

    • Savejais

      No. .. . Wot is life . . . Wot is love! 😀 jk. but still though. this mod pac is awesome.

    • RotInPixels

      Any estimation on what time? its 4:10 here on Saturday, still waiting on 9.13…

  • limoozina

    Guys, for first aid, just copy all the content from the 9.12 folder to 9.13. All of my, previously used, mods work as intended. The only downside that I managed to stumble upon is that when you try to use “Exterior” options in the garage on a tank, it gives you none to work with, just a blank field where the camo and inscriptions options should be. So, paint your tanks and then copy paste 9.12 to 9.13 folder, and of you go! 🙂

  • Bravefart

    Hi Guys. I found that if you re-install solos 9.12.2 then copy everything in Games/World of Tanks/res mods/0.9.13 it works. the only thing make sure NOT to install WW2 sounds. I’m using Jimbos crosshairs with no problems. A few others said that one of the other crosshairs’s was acting a little funny.

  • watashi199

    Thanks for getting 9.14 update up so fast. You do good work. Please put minions back in. I must have minions. and the other sound mods now that the default sounds are so suck

  • LolDerp

    Had the fastest net in the world but only would download a whopping 9kb/s. Pls explain why..