[9.10] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 1

Update 1 for Solo’s ModPack Installer : World of Tanks 0.9.10


Download:[wpdm_package id=’170′]

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  • Robert Yarbrough

    Great Mod Pak, any Idea when you will have Battle assist updated? Thanks

  • Trevor Wheatley

    like it thank you helps a little as i’m a 1 armed comander

  • Daddio59

    Having problems with the game kicking back to desktop or even cutting power. Does not happen without the mods…But I love them!!!!!!

    • Robert Yarbrough

      Hey, I had this problem once and did another clean install and it went away you may want to give that a try.

  • o3devildog

    when I had lamps, there was a mod that unloaded and loaded temp modules
    (camo net, binos). And automatically loaded the last one when you
    started a game (provided one wasn’t put on before the start); any
    thought on adding that to the mix? Just an idea.

  • Stephen Kvedaras

    I seem to be having issues with the MultiHitLog (Not showing in game) in WoT since updating to 9.10. Tried all the usual (Clean install, wiping caches, etc). Anyone ideas?