[9.10] Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 0

Update 0 for Solo’s ModPack Installer : World of Tanks 0.9.10


Download:[wpdm_package id=’162′]

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  • Gabriel Profa Ender

    A li’l problem with icons during loading, and missing “G” terribly, otherwise, great, everything works, THANK YOU!

    • Robert Kunej

      I’m not using “G” anymore….not precise as normal aim

  • Bravefart

    Looks like AutoAim is disabled with 9.10

    • unikum

      I got it to work in oldskool mod but I doesnt like that modpack.

    • tankhunterr

      for example enemy is behing hill but u can use autoaim u mean that right ?

      • Bravefart

        yes-that’s correct

  • TechGuySpy

    Very nice, will be recommending this to All of my Clan Members! Since Odem Mortis is always behind the ball its great to see all this hard work the day of the release (NA Server).

  • callmemaybe

    love the fast updates wondering if i missed it or if its currently not availlable but i dont have my in game wn8 real time calculator , kinda got used to it , other than that love what you do keep up the good work

  • tankhunterr

    But in this update there is no “10 sec Passed” message on mini map AND I cant show target with T button behind wall or other things.I mean I have to see tank with my aim. pls fix it 🙁

    • samsunlu


  • Antonis Panagopoulos

    thanks a lot SOLO once more time for this wonderfull mod pack and the awesom support

  • DMT001

    Quick question, how come the Sixth sense sound is over 400MB, seems rather large for a simple sound?

  • Bravefart

    I noticed on the first “load Screen” there is a strange “overlap” of the teams

  • James Schofield

    How do you completely remove the modpack now? just deleting RESMODS
    gives me an error, the game is still looking for the RESMODS folder. My game is crashing all the time now. Only since update 4 of 9.9 and now 9.10

  • ha

    xvm update didnt work ? is not installed

  • Simon Faure

    I have to say thanks as I swapped form Aslains mod to yours and it seems better for me! can I ask that you have a look at the “spotted counter” as from the last patch it doesn’t appear anymore so haven’t got a running total of the spotting i’m doing ! Thanks again.

    • James Schofield

      spotted counter sounds good!!

  • James Schofield

    why was post deleted? I asked how you removed the mod pack because I am having constant crashes. You dont have the forum.. how else can I ask a question?

    • Ralinos

      rerun installer, with a clean install. uncheck everything, finish install. that should remove any mods installed by modpack.

  • brad1284

    g button doesnt work loading battle screen is unusual and auto aim doesnt work

  • Benigno Veguilla New Image

    Guys, Have you looked at the Change Log???? It’s just the initial Patch!!!! Updates will follow as mods get updated!

  • Terry Chatterley

    Any idea why wn8 isn’t showing up after each match with YasenKrasen or in my service record? Yes I have xvm updated and activated and can’t get wn8 to show anywhere but under individual tank stats